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DFW Pet Sitting Services provides pet sitting and dog walking services in most zip codes of the Metroplex.

Look no further if you are trying to search for pet sitters in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  We have over 200 qualified, trained, insured and bonded pet sitters and dog walkers.  Established in 2003, we have had plenty of opportunities to find the best of the best pet lovers who all work covering very small areas in their immediate neighborhoods.

pet sitters in Dallas Fort WorthThis tight network of pet lovers keeps them from getting overbooked, burnt out, and frustrated about traffic.  All they do is love your pets.  And if they have an emergency, a backup is right around the corner.

Our company covers most zip codes of the Dallas Fort Worth and Houston metroplexes.  Below is an alphabetized list of cities where we have employees.

Every pet owner’s decision: Large company vs. Small one

When I started DFW Pet Sitting Services, I was just a pet owner who needed help.  I was a picky pet owner.  My pets were my kids.  There are a few things that are very important to me when I have to leave my pets with someone else:

  • Meeting the person who would take care of my pets
  • Knowing that the pet sitter was attentive to detail and wrote down all the instructions
  • All instructions are followed consistently
  • Low employee turnover and having the same person doing all the visits
  • Reliable pet sitter who lived in the area and who could accommodate changes in my schedule
  • Plan B for emergency backup
  • Love and care for my pets as if they were their own

So I made the above list and started brainstorming on how I can deliver this to my clients.  I also had to figure out how to manage this business remotely, since I couldn’t be everywhere at the same time.  And most important question was where could I find the best pet sitters in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. 

Keys to success

It took me years to refine my system.  I have worked with thousands of pet owners.  My managers and I actively manage 200+ pet sitters and dog walkers.  We evolve and get better every day.  Some of my employees have been with me for over 10 years!  Yes, I can say that I do know them pretty well.

What we are able to deliver to our customers are all the resources of a large company while keeping strong connection with our clients and employees.  We have 24/7 telephone coverage and a very effective emergency backup plan.  DFW Pet Sitting Services offers premium insurance coverage and bonding of all our employees.  All services come with a money back guarantee.  Our pet sitters are usually available to help even on a short notice since they live right around the corner from you. 

Your pet sitter will develop a long lasting bond with you and your pets.

Letting our employees have ownership of their clients and territories gives them an opportunity to shine at work.  When they love what they do, they develop long lasting bonds with their clients.  They work in small groups and act as each other’s backup if one has an emergency or takes a vacation. The clients that they are assigned to become “their” clients, and the well-being of the pets becomes their responsibility.

The sitters never have to worry about scheduling, getting paid, or managing pet sits. We also monitor their work load closely to prevent “burn-out”.  If one schedules too many pet sits per shift, they’ll end up rushing thru the assignments, and the quality will suffer. W e encourage them to take time off, and their compensation is very competitive to make this job fun and attractive.

Our employees are the foundation of who we are and what we became over years.  Our rates and services are based on making this a great part time employment opportunity for pet sitters.  We just want everyone to be happy. If the sitters value this job, our customers will be happy too.

The “Best” of both worlds

Yes, we provide “the best of both worlds” to our customers: small sub-companies that are managed as separate entities but are backed up by a large corporation with resources and reputation. When it comes to pet sitting, we send out a survey to each customer after pet sits have been completed. We read each and every one of them. We LOVE compliments, and we value suggestions and criticism.

There is never a day off.  We are constantly working on improving our work. We use very sophisticated software that tracks completed pet sits, and our IT support is also local.  If we don’t see the sitters “completing” the visits in the computer, we immediately call them. If we were to miss a visit due to something happening to a sitter, we’d know about it within hours. We are passionate about animals, and we are proud to call ourselves Professional Pet Sitters.