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Welcome to the Southlake branch of DFW Pet Sitting Services!

All dog walkers and pet sitters in Southlake are employees of our company.  They are bonded and covered by our liability insurance.  DFW Pet Sitting Services employs pet lovers who work in their immediate neighborhoods, usually within 5 miles from where they live.  Our company monitors each and every assignment.  

pet sitters and dog walkers in Dallas Fort WorthOur background

DFW Pet Sitting Services opened its doors for the first time in 2003.  The owner Olga Wharton was the only employee and pet sitter of the company.  She ran her business with a paper calendar and a pencil.  It was a fun and exciting endeavor: working with animals and running a business.

As the client base grew, DFW Pet Sitting started its expansion into other markets.  We had to grow.  Our clients were moving or referring us to their friends.  They were begging us to pet sit for them.  That’s when we realized we had to staff other areas with professionals who love pets and commit to their pet sitting schedules.

The owner of the company was an MBA grad with two Bachelor’s degrees.  She was passionate about her four-legged babies (all five of them).  She loved to travel and hated leaving them behind.  It was a perfect mix: she was a customer who needed the best solution for her own pets.  And she had a business background.

It was a long and exciting ride founding the company and growing it.  It was extremely important to not get carried away with aggressive growth.  Quality has always been number one priority.

The Southlake branch of DFW Pet Sitting Services Inc. was one of our first expansions to the East into Tarrant County.  Having run this business since 2003, we have learned so much about what it takes to hire and train professional pet sitters.  Over time, we are proud to announce that we have the best pet sitters in Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

All dog walkers and pet sitters in Southlake live in your neighborhood near you.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that your pet sitter or dog walker is local.  You want to make sure that the person taking care of your pets is a local pet sitter or dog walker.  She/he should know the area and be able to drive or even walk to your house in inclement weather.  You also want to make sure they don’t drive too far. You know Dallas traffic can create major delays to the scheduled visits.

Finding a company that is reliable, local, established and professional will make your travel easy and worry-free.  With the best dog walkers and pet sitters in Southlake,  we are here to offer you a worry-free pet care experience.


Don’t forget: we offer pet sitting and dog walking services in all zip codes of Southlake and all surrounding areas in Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Our dog walkers and pet sitters in Southlake stay in their immediate neighborhoods and focus on quality pet sitting.

We use a “state of the art” software system that allows us to monitor that the employees are completing visits as per their schedule and nothing falls through the cracks.  Find out about our professional grade pet sitting software. 


As a local pet sitting company in Southlake, we are constantly on a lookout for cool pet places. Check out our latest recommendation: BooBoo’s Buddies Dog Park!


Southlake Pet Sitting and Dog WalkingBooBoo’s Buddies dog park was established in 2006.  The idea behind it was to create a space for Southlake residents to bring their dogs for much needed socializing. Yes, Grapevine Lake is close and has access to lots of trails.  But what about when you just need a place to unleash your dog to run free?  If that’s what you are looking for, then this is the place!

This dog park is super clean.  It has several water stations and… did I say it’s clean?  That’s right!  Poop stations are available throughout the place so that it doesn’t ever get smelly here. Enjoy shaded fun while your dog plays. There are picnic tables for the two-legged visitors to mingle.

Southlake is a beautiful town on its own.  BooBoo’s keeping up with the standard for sure.  In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful dog parks I’ve been to in North Texas.  So, if you’re in the area, come on down and let your dog play to his or her heart’s content.

Check out what our pet sitters in Southlake are happy about!


I enjoy working for DFW Pet Sitting because it’s a pleasure for me to help owners and their pets. As an animal lover, I find taking care of pets extremely rewarding. One of the things that impresses me about DFW Pet Sitting is the support we get from management, who are consistently available for us when we need them.

Thanks for the kudos Katherine!!