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Check-In and Out On Your Phone

Step 1. Click on New Jobs Scheduled. You will see a week at a glance.


Step 2. Click on the date you want to view – that will bring you to a daily view. But make sure you are clicking on the date, not the little green Plus sign.

Step 3. Click on Check-In button.

Step 4. When done with the visit, click on Check-Out (the Check-In button has turned into Check-Out now)

Step 5. Now this visit is showing as Completed. It will automatically show up on your Timesheet.

Please, note: if you aren’t checking in and out, visits aren’t going to show up as Completed, and they won’t show up on your timesheet. So please email us at [email protected] if you have a problem with this. We can just check you in at the office if you have problems with reception or your phone.