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Welcome to our team!!  We are so excited to have you onboard!  Our goal is to set up the best schedule for you to manage pet sitting with your work, school, and personal lives!  Please do communicate with us whenever it doesn’t feel like a good match, and we’ll work hard to adjust your client list and your schedule to accommodate you!  We want you with us long term, and we are committed to fine-tuning your locations and assignments

You can also watch this Welcome Aboard Video below (it’s approximately 30 min long) to get an overview of all this information.

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STEP 1 – NEW HIRE PAPERWORK – Please submit these 3 forms within 48 hours of the acceptance email, so that we can add you to the sitter list and start assigning clients to you.

Aggressive Pets Policy

Non-Solicitation Agreement

Availability Form



We do most of our communication by text (214-360-7367). Please respond promptly to our messages. A one-word Yes or No is often sufficient enough for us. What happens when we reach out to you with an assignment is that we are “holding” this client for you. We are waiting for you to respond before we move on to the next sitter. This takes the pressure off you to “compete” with others for clients. Please make our job easier by letting us know right away if the client is a good fit for you or not. It’s a numbers game: the quicker responder you are, the more options you’ll have to choose from.

Your job will consist of two main components:

  • meeting with pet owners and their pets, and
  • taking care of pets without pet owners present.

MEETING pet owners requires two skills: to connect with the pet owners and their pets, and also to evaluate the care instructions, pets, and make sure you can commit to the assignment. You’ll have the flexibility to set dates and times for those meetings to accommodate your schedule, so please make sure you are prompt once it’s set. Another thing that our clients absolutely love is when they receive text updates from their pet sitters. They also tend to tip better when those updates are regular and have photos or videos. It is highly recommended that you discuss how often the clients want to receive text updates from you. Please review our Meeting clients outline in detail before your first client meeting.

TAKING CARE OF PETS is the funnest part of this job. There are no humans present, no small talk required – just love those pets as if they were your own and enjoy their unconditional love and pure joy energy! Following custom-set instructions is essential. You also need to remember that most people install security cameras nowadays – so please do the right thing even when nobody is watching. While you are there, please snap a photo or take a cute video of pets and text that to the owners. People usually miss their pets while away, and they love these little glimpses of joy.  Please review our Pet Sitting process before your very first assignment.



Please use this link to log in: https://www.petsitconnect.com/dfwps/

IMPORTANT: You MUST add this /dfwps/ at the end of petsitconnect, or you won’t be able to log in.

Your login is your email, petsit2022 is password. Please change your password when you first log in.



Here is the process: you pet sit, your submit your timesheet, you get paid.

It is important that you check in and out online as you pet sit. You can view the client’s profile by clicking on the little Print button next to the Check In button.  These visits are tied to your timesheet. They won’t show up on your timesheet if you don’t check in and out.


View your SCHEDULE & Check-In and Out

NEW CLIENTS onboarding



Submit timesheets

Paychex account (All PAYROLL-related info: view paystubs online, edit your tax withholdings, edit Direct Deposit, etc)

Your pet sitting rates and fees

Additional Non-petsitting Income (marketing, social media, online reviews, blogging, etc) 



Request time off

Change your password

Staying organized

Recommended equipment to make your job easier

Overview of the process

Contact us

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