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Report Cards

Downloadable Report Cards

Report Cards for customers who travel and need one report card left at the last visit

Please note that the report cards for customers who TRAVEL are brought in during your first visit with their pets, and you log visits daily as you complete them.  After you logged your last visit, you’ll write a nice note to the customer summarizing your experience with the pets.  It is recommended to begin the notes with something positive, like “Welcome home!!  It has been a sincere joy to take care of ….”  When a customer is traveling, they want to come home to something personal from you. They are already missing their pets, and they can’t see what you are doing with them. This Report card ensures them that you were there when you were supposed to be there, and you really loved their pets.

Download Report Card for customers who TRAVEL (pdf)


Report Cards for customers who use us for midday daily dog walks and need one report card left after each visit

Report cards for DAILY dog walks are written after each visit.  Customers would be home that evening and would want to know what time you came, did the dog poop, eat, etc….  They often save these report cards as keepsakes.  Please be loving, attentive, and fun when leaving these notes.  Clients don’t see you interacting with their pets, but they often assume your personality and professionalism based on what you wrote to them.  Please take your time and show them how wonderful you are…

Download Report Card for DAILY dog walks (pdf)