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Thankful For Being Your Pet Sitter – DFW Pet Sitting

6 years ago · 33 comments

Thankful For Being Your Pet Sitter – DFW Pet Sitting

Being someone’s pet sitter is probably the most rewarding job ever.

We started a little simple contest “Please tell me things that you are grateful for about your pets”.   I thought people would share a sentence or two with their pet sitter… I certainly underestimated how much I would learn from you.  You’ve sent me your pets’ pictures and shared your precious moments with your fur-babies.  As I was reading them, my heart was melting.  Not only have I felt blessed and fortunate to have amazing clients, but I’ve felt truly grateful to be your pet sitter and just being a part of the pet sitting industry as a whole.

Being someone’s pet sitter gives us an opportunity to connect with pets and people.  We all come from different backgrounds and all have different life stories, but this love for animals is our main connection to each other.  Once again, I have realized how much love we share with our four-legged children.  Once again, I have felt grateful for all the tender loving relationships we have developed with our pets.  Time after time I realize how much our pets impact our lives.  Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, and thank you for being so wonderful!

Please tell everyone to vote for your favorite story, and we’ll nominate the winner “Pet of the Year 2017” and will award the owner with the $200 pet sitting gift certificate.

This is exactly why I am so grateful to be your pet sitter:

1 Angus the cat waiting for his pet sitter I am EXTREMELY thankful for my 2 sweet tuxedo kitties Bodie and Angus:

* They are my emotional support pets – helped me recover from a major head surgery just recently!

* The are smart & so sweet, always giving love

* We rescued them as kittens (they are twin brothers) but I think THEY have actually rescued us! We are so blessed to have them.


Brandy & Jeff H

We LOVE our pet sitter from DFW Pet Sitting!!

2 please be my pet sitter Here is our newest fur baby, Gigi with her new toy.  Why are we thankful for her:

  1. She is loyal (follows us everywhere)
  2. Gigi is happy (practically wags her tail off when she sees us)
  3. She is an awesome snuggler (perfect lap dog)
  4. This girl gives great kisses (all over our faces)
  5. And … she is high on the cute scale!

Tammy, Robert, Sandy and Gigi F.

3 where is my pet sitter? This is Grub & Cici!  They are loyal customers of DFW Pet Sitting, and love the care and attention they receive from your pet sitter while I am away!

Three of the MANY reasons I am thankful for them and love them are…

#1:  They are the epitome of the word “rescue”.  They were born feral, and likely would have had a very short life if they had stayed outside surfing on their own.  I am thankful that they were placed in my path so I could do that for them.

#2:  Because they were born feral, they CHOSE us.  They chose to trust us, and eventually to love us.  I am so thankful they gave us a chance to be in their lives.

#3:  Another reason to be thankful is that in all truthfulness, I did not just rescue them – they rescued me.  I have struggled with bipolar disorder for years, and they have brought a calm and peace to my life that I didn’t have before, and didn’t know I could have.  Because of them, I have another reason to smile.  And because of them, I have been able to go off of all of the harsh medications I was on.  They are literally my angels.

Thank you for everything you have done for them!

Jen M.

4 love my pet sitter Reasons we are thankful for our booboos:

1) they love us unconditionally

2) their personalities keep us entertained

3) they make sure we never sleep in too late or stay up too late because it means they haven’t gotten their morning/bedtime treats and they WILL make sure you know it.

Jack and Megan P.

5 pets waiting for a walkgreetings to my cat sitter I work as a trauma nurse. Sometime we save them… sometimes we loose them… at the end of the day… I always have unconditional love waiting for me… it is like no other…

Tina M.

6 waiting for my bird sitter This is Petry. 3 reasons I’m thankful:

  1. He’s been my good friend for over 20 years now
  2. He puts up with all the noise Snowflake makes
  3. He is a no fuss bird- he entertains himself when I am busy around the house and doesn’t mind!

This is Mandy. 3 reasons we are thankful:

  1. We were able to rescue her from the animal shelter. She was about to be put to sleep when we adopted her
  2. Mandy is a great watch dog and companion. She takes care of us and loves to be with her people
  3. Mandy loves all of the dog treats we buy her!

This is Snowflake. 3 reasons we are thankful:

  1. He makes us laugh and is fun to play with
  2. For waking us up early on the weekend with his squawking!
  3. For being center of attraction when friends or family come to visit us.

Camy D.

7 missing my dog walker

belly rubs from my pet sitter

Just 3 of million reasons I am thankful for Lucy & Grace:

1. They wake with smiles & love every morning.

2. These girls exhibit unconditional love each & every day (though food & treats don’t hurt).

3.  They are fantastic examples of how wonderful & rewarding rescue dogs can be, which allows me to tell everyone to “Go Rescue!”

Cristin A.

8 blank This is Jelly , doing one of her favorite things, watching a nature show. Anytime there’s anything with whales or fish or turtles, she is all over it. Three things I am thankful for about Jelly and Jerrie is how much they like to cuddle, how they keep my feet warm when it gets to be cold in the winter time, and how they miss me when I travel. When I get home from a trip, they both want to just cuddle up to me all the time.

Dorothy C.

9 napping on a pet sitting assignment My three reasons for why I am thankful for Maya:

  1. Since the first day you came into our lives, you filled it with so much love and joy that it warms my heart every time I hold you in my arms.
  2. You always greet me at the door, rubbing against my leg and meowing at me, wishing I could understand what you are trying to tell me, but I know deep down this is your way of telling me you missed me all day.
  3. On my darkest days, when I feel my anxiety cripple my ability to carry on with the rest of my day, you know just what to do. You come up to me, and make yourself comfortable on my chest and start to purr. For that, I am so thankful for your unconditional love and the comfort you provide me for those moments when I need it the most.

Christina A.

10 cat love So, 2 years ago I moved from France to Texas for work. I came here by myself to tackle this new challenge. There was nobody here for me, except for avery busy job. I thought about getting a cat (I am a real cat lady) but looking at how many business trips I was going on, I did not wanted to leave my baby alone.

About 9 months after I settled down my parents came to visit me, and actually felt bad about having me alone in a foreign country. I had seen this little kitty (that had a scratch in her eye) at pet smart and sent them pictures. One day during their stay after work they told me, let’s go get your kitty. “You will work out a way to take care of her while you are gone, but you will never be on your own”.

So we went I got her, my little Tori. We became the best friends ever and we are doing everything together. Every night my kitty was waiting for me to come back from work, and every night I was looking forward seeing my only family in Texas 🙂

Since then we are inseparable. I thought her everything in French, because you never know, if I go back she will have to be able to speak with my French cat 🙂 and it turned out she is a super smart cat. We are always playing and actually I thought her how to sit,  I think it is pretty awesome.

Anyways, I love her so much because she is like my family here, my parents got her for me which means a lot to my eyes and we are so close together that even if some times I feel alone and homesick she is always here to remind me that I am loved.

I am now able to have somebody taking care of my baby when I am out, which makes it possible for me to keep her always. This is thanks to your team and I am very grateful for that.

11 cat nap


It’s actually kind of difficult to put only 3 things about Zoe that are so special.  She’s an incredibly loving and surprisingly social cat.

I’m most thankful and grateful for the fact that she’s helped show my boyfriend how wonderful it is to have a cat.  When we moved in together he knew it was a package deal – me and a kitty!  I’ve always had pets most of which were cats but he’d never had a cat before and was really apprehensive.  She’s taught him how fun, silly and loving kitties can be and he absolutely loves her as much as she loves him.

Zoe is also a very loving girl.  She’s always right by our side to give purrs, rubs and – occasionally – kisses to let us know we’re loved.  Every cat has a different personality that is fun to get to know and she loves to be near us and is very social.

And finally I’m thankful for finding her.  Or rather, that she found me.  When I went to look for a pet several months after my sweet baby passed away, I went looking for another “special needs” animal.  Zoe turned out to not be special needs, but if the shelter hadn’t made that mistake when entering her information I wouldn’t have found her.  Zoe came to the shelter very frightened – her person had passed away and she and 5 other siblings/friends had to be surrendered to the city.  But from the first moment she was loving and happy and kind.  Her purrs and meows welcomed us and told us it was meant to be!

Zoe has been with us for about a year and a half now and she rules the house and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  And there aren’t words for how blessed we are to have Shelly taking care of her on the occasions when we’re out of town.

We’re thankful for DFW Pet Sitting!!!

Connie P.

12 dog walking Attached is my favorite picture of Ringo; it is hard to find a picture with all four of my pups together! It seems that at least one is always getting sidetracked.

There are many reasons why I am thankful for my dogs, but if I had to pick only three they would be:

1. Unconditional love

The unconditional love that they provide on a daily basis is second to none. It does not matter if you oversleep and feed them late, or miss their walk because you had to work late. They do not judge or hold grudges, only want your love and companionship. (Even if they may try guilt tripping you with “that look”…)

2. Comic relief

They are always doing something silly – running through the back door too quickly that their feet slide out from under them and they crash into the couch, or trying to climb one of the trees in the backyard to get the squirrel that always antagonizes them. It does not matter how bad of a day I have had, I know when I get home I can always count on them for some laughs

3. Therapeutic/stress relief

This is complementary to the comic relief, but when I am feeling stressed out or have had a rough day at work, I know that some downtime at home with my dogs will get me feeling better. They are happy to lounge on the couch and watch a movie or go burn off some steam with a run. Even just a few minutes with them leaves me feeling more refreshed and revived.

I could go on and on… there is no way I could imagine my life without these four crazies in it!

Have a great evening!

Meaghan D.

13 dog walker I am writing to tell you a little bit about my dog, Pilot. She has be with me for just over a month, but already she has made a big difference in my life. I am so thankful for her and I would like to share with you three reasons why.

First, she brings great joy to my life and gives me a sense of purpose. Every day she makes me smile and laugh out loud because she is so sweet (and also a little silly). Some of the things that make me laugh are a couple of games she plays, like when I am putting on my shoes for a walk and she paws my hand while I am trying to tie the laces. Or when she sits in between my legs while I am washing dishes or putting on makeup just so I know she is there!

I also laugh when she leaps into the air while chasing bugs and when she splashes around in the shallow water of the Trinity River when I take her to the park. Nothing makes me as happy as when I come home and she is there to greet me. She gives me such happiness and makes me feel loved.

Second, she helps keep me healthy! After a long day at work, I don’t always have the energy to go for a walk, but she encourages me to get out and move.  She loves being outside so much so it helps me to get outside and be active every day. We already have some favorite hiking places. The picture I am attaching is from a recent hike at Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Finally, and most significant, Pilot has helped my heart heal after the loss of my previous dog, Bailey. I had Bailey 14 years and I lost her this past summer. It was so hard saying goodbye. While I still miss her every day, Pilot has helped me remember all the good times with her. Now, I feel more happy than sad when I think about Bailey. I will forever be grateful that Pilot came into my life and helped me heal.

Thank you for all you do for people and their pets in the DFW area. I know I am very thankful for my petsitter Terri.

Jensen B.

14 playing with my pet sitter There are countless reason Derek & I are thankful for Johnson but the top three are

1.      His playfulness, Johnson sprints all over the house with his toys in his mouth and is always up for a game of fetch or soccer.  Yes, Johnson knows how to play soccer.  He keeps one toy in his mouth while dribbling a ball with his front feet around the house or will kick it back to the person he is playing fetch with.

2.      We are also thankful for how friendly Johnson is. I promise you, Johnson has never met a stranger.  He loves everyone and wants make sure he lets them know it by greeting them with lots of kisses. He likes to target kisses on the ear if you are close enough.

3.      Last but not least we are thankful for the joy he brings to our family.  Johnson is not only playful and friendly, he is also a character.  He has a very large personality and keeps his parents laughing on a regular basis.

Melissa S.

15  dog watching Three reasons why we’re thankful for Tess & Callie!

1. They’ve taught us about patience, something I’m not very good at sometimes. Callie is crazy-smart and too clever for her own good, and Tess is…well, Tess is spirited.

2. These girls fill our house with laughter and silliness and tail wags and play bows and puppy zoomies.

3. They remind us of the doggies we’ve had before them, and how happy we’ve been able to share our lives with them over the last 20 years.

Stacy L.


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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.