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pet sitters in Plano

Professional dog walkers & pet sitters in Plano

In business since 2003!

cat sitters in Allen

All dog walkers and pet sitters in Plano are employees of DFW Pet Sitting. They are bonded and covered by our liability insurance. We employ pet lovers who work in their immediate neighborhoods, usually within 5 miles from where they live. Our company monitors each and every assignment. Manager or owner are on call 24/7.

DFW Pet Sitting is official pet sitters and dog walkers of Microsoft and Oracle
We are members of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  The owner is a former board member and committee chair
Member of Pet Sitters International
Repeat recipient of Angie’s List Super Service and WFAA’s A-List Awards

5 reasons to use us for all your pet sitting and dog walking needs

dog and a cat cuddlingYour pet sitter / dog walker will live within 5 miles from you

We offer 100% money back guarantee on all services

We have completed over 200,000 visits since 2003

Owner or/and manager on call 24/7

Manager monitors each visit


All dog walkers and pet sitters in Plano live in your neighborhood near you.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that your pet sitter or dog walker is local. Allen is located in the far north area of the metroplex.  You don’t really want your pet sitter or dog walker drive too far to get to you.  Dallas traffic is as unpredictable as the weather in TX! Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and North Dallas are major areas that our Plano branch covers.  Your pet sitter won’t drive too far to get to you, and you know: if it’s convenient for your pet sitter, you’ll have fewer reasons to worry that they will let you down.   Plus, the manager on call monitors each pet sitter’s activity, and we make sure the schedule is followed thru.

If you are looking thru lists and lists of dog walkers and pet sitters in Plano, you can truly stop right here.  We have a small pet sitting branch in Plano that we manage as a small company.  But this small company is a part of a big well-established and reputable organization.  Being a part of DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc. gives our clients assurance that there is someone constantly monitoring all visits and communicating with the pet sitters.

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We offer pet sitting and dog walking services in all zip codes of Plano and all surrounding areas.

  • Our employees pet sit only within 5 miles radius from where they live
  • All our employees are screened, insured, bonded and trained
  • We do NOT use independent contractors
  • The pet sitter you meet will be the ONLY person with access to your home.  We have established a Pet Sitting Emergency Protocol to ensure your pets’ care is uninterrupted.  We closely monitor those situations.

Our dog walkers and pet sitters in Plano stay in their immediate neighborhoods and focus on quality pet sitting.

We use a “state of the art” software system that allows us to monitor that the employees are completing visits as per their schedule.  We make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Best pet-friendly businesses and areas of Plano

Plano is a great pet-friendly city to live in.  So many companies focus on the health and wellbeing of animals! There is so much nature to enjoy with your pets!!

We highly recommend Ohio Drive Animal Hospital for our clients’ veterinary needs.

Pet sitting in Plano recommendationsAs a customer of DFW Pet Sitting, please enjoy a FREE 1st office visit and exam for your pet!! ($55 value). Ask us about these guys, and we’ll reach out to our existing customers for references if you like! Let us tell you a little bit more about them.

Veterinarian, Dr. Brian V. Benjamin, a graduate of Oklahoma State University, opened Ohio Drive Animal Hospital in June of 2003. Since it’s origination, Ohio Drive Animal Hospital has taken pride in providing small animal owners with a combination of the highest quality medical care, exceptional customer service, and serving and giving back to the community. To this day, Dr. Benjamin remains a dedicated solo-practitioner, which allows him to build unique and lasting relationships with his patients and clients.

At Ohio Drive Animal Hospital, their goal is to make pet owners, and their pets, as comfortable as possible during a veterinary visit. They enjoy rewarding their patients with as much TLC as possible in a safe and sanitary environment. Come to meet Dr. Benjamin and his exceptional team, and tour their fully equipped veterinary facility, or learn more about them at https://www.ohiodriveanimalhospital.com. Welcome to the Ohio Drive Animal Hospital family!

We are a Plano pet sitting and dog walking company.  Would you like to check out these local dog walking spots we recommend?

pet sitters in planoDog walking stimulates your senses and develops your pet’s appetite for the outdoors. There are several trails in Plano to take your best friend on an adventure.  Our favorite one is the Bob Woodruff Park Trail!  Are you excited to take your dog for a nice long walk there?  With canyons and rolling hills, there’s more than you think.  Get out and explore!  This trail packs quite a punch for a day or half-day walk. Here’s another cool tidbit: it’s also connected to the Santa Fe trail as well as the Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve Trail .  There are several water features among amazing pathways thru the forest.  BTW: at the south side of the trail a special resident has taken up permanent residence–the Quincentennial Bur Oak, the oldest tree in Plano!

Like we said, get out and explore with your pet.  Take a few hours and soak up some nature.  We insist!  Happy hiking!

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Three Easy Steps to Find a Pet Sitter

Pet Sitters in Dallas, Texas

DFW Pet Sitting Services recommends these 3 steps that will help you find a pet sitter or dog walker in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex


"DFW Pet Sitting is the only truly professionally run pet service that I have found in the Dallas area."
- Donna W.

"Our cat Susi doesn't mind when we go out of town. She gets to play with Natalia, from DFW Pet Sitting Service! And she is always a happy cat when we return!"
- Betty N.


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Our Story

DFW Pet Sitting Services was established in 2003.  At that time, nobody really knew who professional pet sitters were.  Everyone just assumed we were a local boarding facility.  “What?  You guys come to my house? For real??”  That was a common exclamation when pet owners would call us for services.

The owner of the company was an MBA grad with two Bachelor’s degrees.  She was passionate about her four-legged babies (all five of them).  She loved to travel and hated leaving them behind.  It was a perfect mix: she was a customer who needed the best solution for her own pets.  And she had a business background.  It was the start of our DFW metroplex expansion, and Plano was our first stop.

For any business, growth is always the goal.  Pet sitting is a different animal.  Bigger is not always better when high-touch, close, personal relationships drive the business.

We chose to be very slow in our expansion.  Being very selective about people we hire is the main reason we chose “organic” growth over aggressive market penetration.

We also realize that someone always has to be on call.  Emergencies happen, and we can’t just miss a visit.  A mistake could cost a pet’s life.  We don’t want to ever be a part of that.

One client at a time, one employee at a time, our Plano location gained traction and credibility in the area.

Our Pet Sitters

Vicky O.

Vicky has been employed with Plano Pet Sitting since 2000.  We constantly receive amazing reviews and testimonials about her loving and caring personality.  Her clients adore her and actually look forward to their trips knowing that their babies will receive excellent care while they are gone.

Vicky has 2 dogs and 2 cats – a very dynamic pet family!  Her favorite past time with her dogs are nice long walks.  She prefers to take them to Chisholm Trail where they get plenty of fresh air, active exercise and lots of compliments from other pets and their owners!

Plano Dog Park is another place where you can spot Vicky with her Great Pyrenees.  He absolutely loves the place and sleeps like a baby when gets home.  A tired dog is a happy dog.  Enough said.

Vicky would like to give a special shout-out to Classy Doggie Cuts.  In her opinion, they are by far the best groomers in town!

Vicky’s area of expertise covers all domestic pets including dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, etc.  She is proficient in medicine administering as well as insulin injections.

Courtney B.

Courtney joined the ranks of our pet sitters in Plano back in March 2016.  Her clients LOVE how she connects with their pets.  She is a loving and reliable pet sitter.  Animals have always played an important part in her life.  She grew up riding horses and taking care of different farm animals.  She is a former vet tech.  Courtney can’t imagine her life without pets in it!

She has two adorable Rotties and one cat.  The cat thinks he’s a rotty too.  He owns them all.  He rules the house.  Courtney has a very special past time with her four-legged family: playing hide and seek.  The excitement overflows the house when her dog-kids discover all the hiding spots in the house.

One of her dogs has special needs.  Courtney is grateful for Dr. Brandy Porterpan from Animal Diagnostic Clinic.  She was able to give her pup the best quality of life he could have ever had.  Another local business shoutout goes to Einsteins Bagels!  Thank goodness for their dog bagels!  Courtney’s dogs go crazy when they see the bag!

Courtney loves being a professional pet sitter.  This job allows her to have a balanced life between work and family.  It also gives her the outlet to see all kinds of animals on a daily basis.  She spends her free time volunteering for a local PTA and sitting on the Plano Parks Foundation board.

Courtney appreciates her furry clients, and values the relationships she has made with their parents.  She truly believes that she has the best pet clients in Plano!

Karen D.

Karen has worked for DFW Pet Sitting since August 2016.  She is known to go above and beyond when taking care of her four-legged clients!  She loves all living and breathing creatures, and treats them as her own kind.

Karen has four fur-kids of her own: a 5-year old Labradoodle, a 10-year old beagle mix rescue pup, and two cats (6 and 8 years old) who get along beautifully with their dog family members.

Karen takes her dogs out at least three times a week.  They go to parks and visit pet-friendly businesses in the area.  Their favorite place to visit is Pet Supplies Plus store.  They love it so much, that they are considered regulars over there.  The dogs are always greeted by their names.  What a nice friendly service!

Karen’s favorite part about being a professional pet sitter is expanding her pet friendships to other people’s pets.  She values long-term relationships with the pets she takes care of.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the true happiness on the little furry faces.  That’s the best boss to have, no question!

Cari C.

Cari has been with us since March 2015.  She is intelligent, loving, reliable, and trustworthy.  She is consistent in delivering high-quality pet sitting service with each and every pet sitting assignment she gets.  Cari cares about her clients’ pets as if they were her own.

She loves visiting local Petsmart because she gets to meet and mingle with other pet lovers.  Cari’s clients love the level of communication and professionalism they receive from her. Going on the third year of her employment with us, Cari’s clients love her being consistent and reliable.

Meeting with clients is Cari’s favorite part of this job.  It makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable.  Pets love consistency, and clients love knowing who enters their house.  Cari is an amazing pet sitter in Plano, and her clients feel lucky to have her.

Jeff B.

Jeff joined Plano Pet Sitting about 5 years ago.  He was actually a client of ours and expressed his interest in Plano pet sitting and dog walking.  The rest is history.  We cannot express enough what a lucky day it was when Jeff joined our forces.  He has an impeccable reputation and a very long list of very happy customers.  An established Plano resident, Jeff likes spending all of his time with animals.  When he is not pet sitting, he volunteers at the Plano Animal Shelter.

Jeff has 3 dogs of his own.  They are his babies.  Just playing on the floor with them or in his spacious backyard is his favorite past time.

Jeff specializes in taking care of all types of animals: dogs, cats, reptiles, birds. He is also proficient in insulin injections and medicine administering.  He highly recommends Parker Animal and Bird Clinic.  “Dr. Singh is a fantastic vet and treats his patients like they are his own pets. The staff is all very caring and friendly.”   Jeff is a great local pet resource and welcomes any questions or referrals.  Just let us know if you need anything at all!

cat sitters in Allen