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Submit Timesheets

IMPORTANT: ┬áVisits will show up in your timesheet only if they have been checked in and out and are marked as “completed”.

To go back to the previous dates and review your completed visits, follow these Instructions.



Step 1. Click on Submit Timesheet

Step 2. Enter Start and End Date, click Submit.

Step 3. Review and edit Sitter Rates if needed.

The system will always automatically enter your base pet sitting rate for all visits. You can change the rate. In the below example, the sitter will need to change the Boarding here (since the Boarding amount is different from a 30-min pet sit). You can add pet or mileage surcharges on the Other Fees column with a description, and the Due will automatically update as you do.

Visit Sitter Rates for more details on your pet sitting rates, fees, and surcharges.



The system also sometimes zeroes out your rate for new client meetings like it did here. You can just manually change it to your regular 30-min visit base rate.

And you have additional Other Service / Expenses fields to add any additional expenses or fees that I owe you.

Click Submit. You should receive an itemized email with the grand total. If you need to go back and “Undo” the submitted timesheet, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll reverse it for you.