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Staying Organized


Pet sitting can easily become a nightmare of keys, alarms, and feeding routines. It is essential that you stay organized and pay attention to details while working. Following the routines outlined below will facilitate your work and save you time.


  • ALWAYS keep your keys on a ring together. Single keys have a tendency of getting lost.
  • ALWAYS mark the keys with pets’ names – we never put customer’s address or names on the key rings.  If a key was lost, we don’t want a key with a label with the address on it in anyone’s hands.
  • Keep the keys on your body. Use a belt key retriever or develop some foolproof system that will prevent you from leaving the keys inside a home and locking them in.  The belt key retriever is foolproof for this purpose since you never take it off and makes a racket if it falls off.
  • You may want to attach a key retriever to a purse, assuming you’ll never leave your purse behind. Some sitters use a large zip lock bag (allows you to see the keys) and put elastic cords on each key so they can be worn as bracelet when in use.


Carrying single keys is unacceptable. Don’t do it. They will get lost eventually no matter how careful you are.


  • Do not make a binder of your client info for security reasons in case your lose your binder or someone breaks into your car.
  • Before doing visits for a client, pull up their information and take a screen shot of it on your phone so that if you can’t access the software or your smartphone can’t get on the network, you’ll have the client’s information on hand.
  • Always have a screen lock on your phone so that if you lose your phone, someone won’t be able to log into your PetSitConnect account and access your client’s information.