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Recommended Equipment


  • A pooper scooper. In rare instances, you can’t find the scooper at a client’s home.  Instead of spending 45 minutes searching for it, it’s sometimes easier to use your own.
  • Poop bags. Most customers don’t leave them for us. Make sure you always pick up after dogs. Never leave them in inside trash cans. Try to dispose of them while you are outside. If you can’t dispose of them outside, leave them in a customer’s garage or outside trash container. No matter how well you close the bag (even if it is a double zip lock bag) it will always smell if you leave it inside in a trash can.
  • WD-40 can be helpful with locks.
  • A flashlight. It can become handy when you are looking for cats that usually hide.
  • Leash. Like a pooper scooper, it can save you time if you can’t find the one that customer left you. A 15-foot canvas training lead is recommended.
  • Hand sanitizer. It can become handy if you take care of an outdoor animal only, and if you enter their back yard to walk the pet and don’t have access to go inside the house.
  • Pill popper. Those can be a life saver with uncooperative cats!
  • Pen for writing notes
  • A whisk broom and small dust pan, or portable battery operated vacuum. This is particularly handy with customers who don’t own a broom and who keep their vacuum cleaner at the other end of the house.
  • Gloves.
  • Paper towels (clients can be out).