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New Clients

  • Click on New Clients (it’s in red because you have a new client in there)

  • Click on Print to view their information (we try to get all new clients to enter as much info as possible, but unfortunately not everyone proactively does that)

  • Please review the New Client Meeting INSTRUCTIONS
  • Click on Edit to enter the client’s info (after you’ve met with the client or even during the meeting – whichever is the easiest for you)

  • Fill out as much information as you can on this screen.

  • At the bottom, please change the Key Kept With field from Office to either Client (if the client didn’t give you the key) or to your name from the drop-down menu.

  • Click Submit.

  • Click Add Pet Record. Add each pet one at a time.

  • Once all pets have been added, click Submit For Scheduling.

  • Specify dates (one row at a time, add more rows if needed – see example below) and times of visits. Click Submit.

  • Now the New Client Meeting is complete, and it will automatically show up in your Timesheet. Sometimes the system may put “$0” as your rate, sometimes it will say “$10”. You’ll need to manually change it from $0 to $10 if that happens.