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[email protected]

Emergencies Contact Info

Phone or text:

  • 214-235-5301 (Olga’s cell – owner)
  • 214-360-7367 (Office texting line monitored 24 hours)

Digital business card (easy download our contact info into your phone and also share our contact info with others:

Examples of Emergencies:

  • You can’t make a visit
  • Pet is sick/lost/non-responsive
  • You can’t get inside the customer’s home

Sometimes locks do break or get stuck. Try to use a WD40 to loosen stuck mechanisms. Paw Valet and DFW Pet Sitting Services have an existing relationship with a locksmith service that will open our customers’ doors. But try back doors, windows, see if you can enter through the back gate, etc. Be creative. Try to resolve the problem before we involve a locksmith since those usually take hours to bring in, especially if you are having an issue after regular business hours or on weekends.


  • 288 Lodge Rd., Coppell, TX 75019