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Additional Non-petsitting Income Opportunities

There are a few things that I’d love to open up and offer everyone as a supplemental income opportunity:

1. $1 per post on any or all social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It’s $1 each time you post even if you post the same picture on three different platforms. You can post pics of your own pets. Other people’s pets as you meet them on the streets. Your pet sitting clients’ pets. Anything that’s cute and interesting. Just add them up and put on your timesheet under Other. It’s like giving yourself a $1 raise for pet sitting: you can do it during pet sitting visits that you are scheduled for.

Email us at info@dfwpetsitting.com if you are interested, and we can discuss if you want to post as a guest or if you want me to make you one of the managers of the page.

No more than 1 post per day, please. But it’s ok if you increase to 2 posts a day here and there if something super interesting comes up.

2. $20 per online review that mentions you by your name and preferably mentions the location you are from (like Mary from Arlington, etc). Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook – these are the platforms where we have existing accounts. I’ll add more if you have any other recommendations. Same routine: add them up and enter under Other on your timesheet.

3. $20 per client referral. Keep track of client referrals and make sure they book service when adding them to your timesheet.

4. If you guys have any interesting local news or want to write a blog post, I’ll post them on our website. I’ll compensate 300-word articles at $20 per submission and 2000-word articles at $60 per submission. Those need to include 2 photos. You can just send those by email. Please make sure it’s original content. Google will penalize me for duplication. I would prefer those to be location-centered. Something unique for your neighborhood or the town you live in. These blog posts can be about anything you want to write: your own pets, your local business experience, your clients’ pets, your trip to the park experience, pretty much anything that brings you joy.. Just add them up under Other on your timesheets.

5. Employment recommendations. If you recommend a friend who ends up getting hired by us, we’ll compensate you at $50 per employee referral.

I’m all ears if you have any additional recommendations or feedback.