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Pet Transportation Service – Local and Long Range

1 year ago · Comments Off on Pet Transportation Service – Local and Long Range

Pet Transportation Service – Local and Long Range

We, pet sitters, try to help all the pets we meet. And when there is something we can’t do, we always find a solution. Let’s talk about pet transportation services, for example.

Why would you want to hire a professional pet transportation company?

Any pet owner will agree with me that our pets’ wellbeing is always our priority. We, the pet parents, will always try everything in our power to shield our babies from any unnecessary stress, pain, or discomfort.

In the pet sitting world, we focus on professional pet sitting and dog walking. We do this for two reasons: we love pets and we also want to contribute to their well-being. So that’s what we focus on. We could add house cleaning services. We could also add yard maintenance and make more money using the same client base. But we would lose our focus on doing what we do best: pet sitting and dog walking.

Pet transportation is a little different. We would transport our clients’ pets to a doctor’s appointment or a groomer down the street. But we aren’t really set up to do airport trips, relocation, or long-distance or international travel. We just know that’s not our focus. But we still want to help pet owners though. That’s why we would like to introduce a professional pet transportation company that we collaborate with: Summer Sky Pet Transport of North Texas.

Summer Sky Pet Transport of North Texas

pet sittingSummer Sky originated four years ago. Rebecca Lodge is the owner of the company. She named her business in the memory of her sweet Westies: Summer and Sky. Rebecca LOVES animals and is passionate about helping them.  Safety and comfort are her priorities.  Her dog Sydney tags along as a little co-pilot.

“We provide a private transport where your pet is treated like our family,” said Lodge. “We don’t transport several animals at a time in kennels stacked in the back of a van in order to make more money. This puts unnecessary stress on your pets during an already stressful time.”

On long trips, stops will be made every three to four hours for potty breaks for the pets and for the driver to stretch her legs. Rebecca will send texts, pictures, and video chat updates regularly to the clients. She’ll do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is happy and experiences the ultimate comfort and peace during the process.

Rebecca is also a volunteer and a foster parent with a local rescue in the DFW area. She provides pet transport to many rescue organizations as well.

“Domestic or international, no job is too big or too small,” said Rebecca. “We can walk you through any costs and/or paperwork if a flight is involved.”

For more information on Summer Sky Pet Transport, check out their website at www.summerskypettransport.com or call 469-444-0892.

Conclusion about our pet service industry

I think it is so important that small businesses network with each other. We can’t do it all alone. And I absolutely love all pet people who dedicate their time and their lives to the well-being of animals. I have personally met so many interesting, big-hearted people who impact pets, pet owners, and others around them. I am fortunate to admit that this is my world now. And I’m a lucky girl. 🐾



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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.