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7 years ago · 46 comments

Voting Contest 1 – Clients of DFW Pet Sitting Services

Welcome to DFW Pet Sitting Services clients voting contest!  Our clients who use our dog walking and pet sitting services were given a question:

If you had 30 seconds where your pet could understand you, what would you tell them?

Enjoy heaps and heaps of cuteness and funny responses.  Please enter a comment and let us know your favorite.  The most popular entry will receive a $200 pet sitting gift certificate valid for pet sitting services and dog walking services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Coppell, Irving, Garland, Allen, Southlake, Grapevine, HEB area, and any other DFW Metroplex locations that we cover.  You can find more information on our website.

HOW TO VOTE: Please enter the number of your favorite entry (located in the left column of this table below) in the Comment box at the bottom of this page.   Share this link with your friends and family and have them vote for you!!  Only one vote per voter please.  Contest deadline is April 30.

Don’t forget to check out what our pet sitters and staff have posted on our blog!



1 grey white cat I’d tell Nala that every time we get a pet sitter it is because we care for her and want her to be taken care of while we’re gone and that we love her. Please don’t be mad at us for leaving you alone! We’ll hurry back home as soon as we can to spoil you with love, canned food and treats!

Maria J.

2 labrador You are a Labrador, not a dachshund!   You must quit trying to bark like one, especially at 3 o’clock in the morning because you are afraid of the dark.  Again, you are a Labrador NOT a dachshund

Daryl L.

3 dog in a car I would tell Motley that we will always come back. He does not need to freak out when we leave the room for any period of time!

Jenny G

4 blank I would explain to Sebastian that

        1) waking me up does not actually get him fed earlier.

        2) nor does biting me when I ignore him

        3) I love him dearly and my life would be boring without him.
I’m pretty sure he knows all of those, but I’d want to double check. They’re pretty key to our relationship 🙂

Meg C.
5 dog on a couch
dog belly rubs
Dearest Casey and Lacy – you are sweet and proper little Southern ladies.  I know you feel that as your human my sole purpose in life is to rub your bellies.  However, when we have guests over please stop sprawling all over the furniture and “exposing” your private parts.  They are just that….private.  It is fine to nudge hands for ear tickles or neck scratches.  You can even sit daintily on the sofa beside some of them when invited.  Just please, being bashful is a blessing in certain situations.


Your mama

Tracy H

6 fat white dog Here is Kiki!  If I could explain anything to this little girl it would be that, in spite of what she thinks, eating two or three times her normal meals would not have an attractive outcome…. She’s sure she would be just as cute three times her size…. who knows, maybe she’s right.

MaryAnn R

7 black and white cats I would explain to me Ernie and mr lucie that although I love them very much, I would love them even more if they could please resist the temptation to crawl on my head every night and put their paws on my face in a blatant attempt to wake me up so I can pet them. Although they enjoy the benefits of napping all day, sadly I have to earn the kibble.

Erin B

8 cat in a box I would ask if we knew each other in a former life….because she is so attached to me and she is in tune when I am happy or sad. And why are you so funny

Phil M

9 dog with glasses I’d tell him that I’m never going to give you up. Never going to let you down. I’m never going to run around, and desert you.

Kimberly M

10 dog and cat on a couch When we leave you, we are coming back and won’t be gone long, I promise!

Ashley N

11 black cat on a rug I would explain how grateful I am to have him in my life and how much I miss him when I’m gone and wish I could take him with me everywhere I went….if he wanted to go.

Christina M

12 dog on a porch I would explain to Brynn the cardigan welch corgi that she should try to not herd the cat and ignore her hissing and paw slapping when you get in her face.   Brynn looks like an angel but she loves to move that cat around!

Kristin S

13 Duke the dog I would explain to Duke that he is loved and never has to worry about anyone hurting him(he was a rescue from Operation Kindness approx 8 years ago), that he never has to worry about food.   He’s the “king of our castle” and he’s treated as such!

Rose & Rick C

14 black labrador I would explain to Xander that our one year old Lilly just wants to lay and cuddle with him, not hurt him.  And if I still had time left over, I would try to teach him how to use a toilet!  

Andrea G

15 dog with a cone No, you’re not being punished!

Henry C

16 cute dogs tilting their heads Kevin S
17 cocker spaniels Eli & Aubry: I love you both VERY much – thank you for loving and trusting me so much. Remember, I can’t give you everything you want because most of what I eat would give you a big ol tummy ache!

Chad D

18 furbaby My furbaby was so excited he pulled his favorite toy out to celebrate!

Danielle O

19 pet sitting this dog Here is a picture of my 3-legged blue healer / dalmation mix.  She is so smart that I’m absolutely positive that she understands how my girlfriend and I rescued her form a pound.  If I had thirty seconds to explain anything to her, I would want to tell her that SHE is the one that rescued me with her friendship.

Jonathan C

20 puppy love I would tell my Molly girl that EVERYTHING IS OK!  She doesn’t need to ever be afraid because Mom & Dad love her very much & we will always protect her.  She should relax, be happy & enjoy her life! J

Darcy L

21 dog with bluebonnets “Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much! By bringing you into our lives three years ago, we committed to always being here for you and providing you with the best care.
We promise that you will continue to eat the best quality of dog food and treats throughout your life, get frequent cuddles and walks and have (hopefully fun) training sessions.
We promise that when we leave the house, we will make sure you are comfortable and safe. If we’re gone for awhile, you will have the best care provided by someone we trust. You will never be left outside for extended periods. We will never allow anyone to harm you.
We promise to make sure you take monthly heartworm medication and daily joint vitamins. If you are sick, we will take you to the best vets and we will make sure you are treated well. And when your life comes to its end, we will be by your side, stroking your sweet head until you take your last breath. We know how much you love us, and by taking good care of you, we can hopefully show you how much we love you.”Tamara G
22 pet sitting a bunny Hello Whiteson! We think you are so fluffy and we love you so much. Thank you for being our favorite fluffy pet.

Corey H

23 dog watching TV Ellie I bought our brand new house so you will have a huge yard to play ball in. I know you hate to stay home all day by yourself, but you can play in the yard with your new doggie door or watch TV all day, and I will be home ASAP each night.

Deb C

24 3 cats on a climbing tree Hmmm.  That is difficult to say because I talk to my cats constantly just as if they were people.  However, I have a different kind of interaction with each one of my three beautiful babies, as their personalities and their individual needs are so very different.  I think the most important thing I would want them to understand is that they are loved equally.   Although my interactions with each one of them are different,  I do not consider one to my favorite over another.

Terri R

25 yorkies in the grass My pets can’t understand me???  Haha!

I would explain to them that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!  We lost our sweet Ruby(in pink) 1 ½ years ago, and our little Mona(in blue) just hasn’t been the same since.  She lost a dangerous amount of weight and is now totally blind.  Poor baby!  She misses her sister!  I would explain that we will see Ruby again someday and that she’ll be just as energetic, caring, and wild as she was when she was with us.

Jennifer T

26 black and white cat needs to be fed Dear Anthony, loud yowling in the morning won’t make me get up and feed you any faster.

Carol F

27 kitten looking like a lion I’m not doing this to humiliate you, seriously, I’m just trying to help you find your ‘inner Lion”.

John B

28 blank Logan, we love you to pieces and we will protect you forever. We appreciate that you want to protect US. However, there are things that you consider a danger that are not dangerous!! The ice machine drops ice regularly. No need to run to the fridge, rip off the ice tray, throw it around and growl. And sneezes are not a threat! We all sneeze, including your brother and sister. Again, no need to attack a pillow when somebody sneezes. And finally TV. We PROMISE you that the dogs and cats on TV are not real and about to attack. We got you covered little guy. XXXOOO

Donna L

29 pet sitting a kitty Ella,

As your parent, who loves you unconditionally, I have to ask you to keep your legs closed around guests.

Brittany B

30 pet sitting sleeping cats If I had 30 seconds to say something to my cat(s) that they could understand, it would be how fortunate I was to have them in my life – that just because they were all in shelters, it didn’t make them any less desirable as family members, that they have brought more joy, laughter, fun and happiness to me and my husband than we could have ever imagined.  We love them more than people most times and we appreciate them more than they could ever know!  (Pictured top to bottom:  Nobu, Maribel and Willy – not pictured, Greta)
Our cats rock!Karen P
31 tiger the cat We would explain to Tiger that he is loved and we will keep him safe from all the scary noises he hears every day in our busy lives.

David B

32 best cat ever If I only had 30 seconds where my cat Paprika could understand me, I would tell her what a great companion she is to me – she is truly my best girl. I went home to see my 34-year old sister in December 2012 not knowing that what she would be gone in February 2013. During the time in between my sister was put on hospice care and it was a very a emotionally troubling time for me. Since I have no family here in Texas, and while you want your friends to always be around they can’t be. My cat Paprika was truly there for me, I believe unconditionally, when I would come home from work all I did was cry on my couch, you can imagine how awful it is to know that your sister is going to pass away when she was so young but my cat would come every night and lay on my lap for me and she would stay there next to me the whole time. In the evenings I would tell her I need her when I went to bed – she would come in and lay right next to me. One time she even got under my blanket and laid next to my legs. I can’t tell you how comforting and amazing that was because if it wasn’t for her I don’t know if I would have held it together so well. I would tell my cat that I always love her, I’ll never leave her and when I go on vacation I always come back to her. She is the child I can never have. That is what I would let my cat know – just how important and special she is to me and I love her very much.

Trish W

33 white dog with a bow To my fur baby:  I love you more than words can express! Thank you for being my constant companion, my comfort when I’m down, my reason to hurry home. You were so brave when your brother died & my heart ached for you. I’m so sorry that the new companion didn’t work out. We had no idea that she would turn into Cujo! I also want you to know that dad and I want you to sleep beside us and you don’t have to go to the foot of the bed whenever dad rolls over. It’s okay, don’t be scared! I love you so much and thank you for loving me!

Sally C

34 snuggling with my kitty I realize you would like to spend every second with momma but you have admit dfwpetsitting does a great job!!!

Courtney Y

35 cat stealing dog food Milo,

It’s not nice to stick your paw in your brothers water dish and lick the water off your paw. That’s not how it’s done. You don’t see your brother doing that. I do like that you two can both share a water bowl without bickering so thank you for that!

Kristy X

36 dog watching animal planet If I could have 30 seconds, It  would be awesome tell Charlie how much he is loved, thank him for his loyalty, his companionship, his ability to make me laugh and for keeping me healthy by getting me out of the house for his exercise and walks everyday.  

Shelia F

37 my beautiful dog
dog snoozing on a sofa

I would hope that he has had a great life with me and make sure he knows how amazing and wonderful it has been to be his Mom.  And of course that I love him so much!


That the mats I buy for outside the door are to catch her paw dirt.  NOT to be used as a chew toy.  And of course that I love her so much!

Heather F

38 kitty sitting If I had 30 seconds, I’d explain to our youngest cat, Eleanor, that you can’t catch the bugs on the outside of the window.  When it’s nice out, the bugs are attracted to the lights in the house and crawl on the window.  Eleanor will keep trying to pounce on the bugs or catch them.  And she’s 2 and is still mesmerized by this.

Bonnie N

39 puppy love To Bambi the Boxer,

I am not sure words can explain how much you mean to your human family.  

You have been our brave protector, our camp out buddy, our sunggle and cuddle buddy and even sometimes our source of comic relief.

These last 12 years have been amazing and I pray that we have brought you the same love and joy you’ve given us.

April G

40 dressing up my dog Here is Layla all dressed up for a surprise 75thbirthday party for a dear friend.  This was her first encounter with “clothes”.  She actually did very good and everyone got a big laugh.

“Listen carefully.  You need to be on your very best behavior.   You WILL act like a lady.”

Vickie O

41 love my daschund Sometimes I do believe he DOES understand me – LOL !!!
I would explain to him that there are a lot of ugly things in this world, but we can’t control them all …..  we just have to do the best we can to make sure WE do the right thing.Always treat others the way you want to be treated…….Barbara I
42 dressing up like my cat
orange tabby cat pet sitting services
If I had 30 second to explain something to my cats, I would probably explain to them that they shouldn’t be so cute if they don’t want me trying to hug and kiss them all day ;).
(First pic is me dressed up as my cat for Halloween.)Murphie R
43 dining with my cat I would say…

“Bayley girl and Bandit buddy, there is something called a weekEND and it means that mommy gets to sleep late for two mornings.  Please do not come and paw at me or meow in my face, or swish your tail on my nose. I love you, but knocking my cup of water over isn’t very nice either.  I will wake up soon enough and then we can play.  For now, please just enjoy some more snuggles.”

Bridget H

44 siamese cat As soon as I saw you, I knew you were mine.  I said I would never get another pet but I just knew I had to have you.  You know you’re such a “good boy” and that your Dad and I love you more than words can say.  We were so very excited when we picked you up in Waco and you have been a total blessing and joy ever since.  We love you and your brother so very much and hope we have shown you the love and kindness you deserve.
Alyce B
45 dog face blending with the rug Since you decided to pull my coat down off the bed, displace three rugs in the bathroom, and take one of my shoes from the closet for your chewing pleasure all before 8am…I’ve decided to keep you out of my room for the rest of the morning.” “I still love you and this face gets me EVERYTIME!

Deja S


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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.