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A Pet Sitter in Irving Earns Employee of the Month

2 years ago · Comments Off on A Pet Sitter in Irving Earns Employee of the Month

A Pet Sitter in Irving Earns Employee of the Month

Irving is where you’ll find our March Pet Sitter of the Month!

It has been a sincere joy to write about our pet sitters, picking different ones each month. We have our pet sitter in Irving, Robin Matlock, who has won this monthly company award. And I can’t even express in words how much I love this part of my job.  I am honored that these people are choosing my company to work for. They give their entire heart and soul to the animals they care for.

Robin has been with the company since 2019, and she does dog sitting, cat sitting, and some dog walking in Irving, Las Colinas, Valley Ranch, and Coppell. She has a good handful of very happy pet owners who keep using our company because of how wonderful Robin is.

About Robin

Robin’s professional background is in telecommunications – she’s been in that industry for 27 years!! When she retired, she just couldn’t sit still. AND, she wanted to still have interaction with people and animals.  Pet sitting was a perfect fit, and our company was lucky to be on her list to call. We were absolutely honored to hire her when she applied for a pet sitting job here.

Her favorite part of this job is pets, of course. She loves their personalities, quirks, habits.  And most importantly, she cherishes the human-animal connection. It is absolutely amazing and is so healing to the soul. The creativity of their owners is also something that will also always leave you smiling.  From Purrkins the cat to Oscar and Meyer the dachshunds, there is never a dull moment if you want to talk to her about her clients.

She loves frequenting Three Dog Bakery for yummy goodies. And Raw by Canines First is her absolute favorite pet store in the area.

Robin likes to sew during her spare time. She’s also an avid reader. And podcasts – she really enjoys listening to them. One of the interesting things about Robin is that she LOVES Victorian and Gilded Age fashion, and really enjoys watching movies and TV shows with those costumes.

Robin is a treasure of our company, and so many people and pets are blessed to have her in their lives. Thank you, Robin, for everything you do, and for being amazing. ❤️🐾


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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.