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November pet sitting contest!

2 years ago · 8 comments

November pet sitting contest!

Greetings to all the amazing pet lovers, the amazing employees of DFW Pet Sitting!! ❤️

Happy November! Here we are, almost at the beginning of the wonderful holiday season. My favorite time of the year!

Hoping this contest will brighten up your and everyone’s winter!!

So with my creative juices unleashed, I came up with this idea:

– A $250 prize goes to the entry that gets the most amount of votes!!
– $150 prize to the 2nd place
– $100 prize to the 3rd place
– $20 prize goes to EVERYONE who submits an entry!

Name one special pet you’ve pet sat. I know it’s so hard to pick just one!!! Write a paragraph or two about how you met and why this pet is so special to you. Doesn’t have to be long – sometimes even one passionate statement says it all!!

I’d prefer that you would pick someone from our DFW Pet Sitting customers, but if your heart belongs to someone else, then it’s ok too!! We can’t pick whom to love! lol

Please include a photo of you with that pet (or if you don’t have one, just a photo of you and a photo of that pet, and I’ll combine them side by side on my end). Please email me your entry by SUNDAY, November 14. You can send it to [email protected]

I’ll post all entries on our website and will email you the link to share with your friends and family members who can start voting for you! And we’ll have 10 more days of voting after that! More details will follow. But remember – if you picked your clients’ pet, all those friends and family members will be voting for you too!! I won’t be shy to spread the word for you!! A huge mass email will go out to all our clients. It’ll be so much fun!! I just hope we’ll all get an opportunity to get to know all of you better! ❤️ 🐾

Also, please know that we try to send as much pet sitting income your way as we can, but we can’t control when clients call. However, we do offer some non-pet sitting income, you can find more details at https://www.dfwpetsitting.com/petsit/additional-income/

Hope this contest kicks off our almost holiday season! I really can’t wait to see your adorable photos and read your special stories.

Thank you again for being amazing!

“Yours drooly”,


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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.