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Non-Solicitation Agreement

We are really looking forward to working with you! Please note that we are ok with your pet sitting on your own. We can’t control what you do when you are not on the company’s clock. You just can’t work directly with any of our clients that we connect you with. You do your thing and we do ours. If you leave the company, our clients stay with us. There are so many pets out there. It’s enough for everyone. Let’s just all enjoy this beautiful world of pets and soak up all the love that we can get.

  • DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc. (the “Employer“) will get me in direct contact with pet owners who request pet sitting and dog walking services (“Clients“).
  • I agree that I will not at any time during my employment with the Employer or for a period of 2 years from the termination of my employment either individually or through any company directly or indirectly solicit any person who is a current or former Client of the Employer.
  • I can have my own personal pet sitting clients, but those whom I meet thru DFW Pet Sitting are not to be solicited during my employment or for a period of 2 years from the termination of my employment.
  • I agree that there are plenty of pets out there. I want to do the right thing, treating each other ethically, and making this world a better place by being honest, reliable, and loving the pets in my care as if they were my own.
  • If caught soliciting the Employer’s Clients, I agree to compensate the Employer at the rate of $1,000 per each DFW Pet Sitting Client that I have met thru the company and got paid for any pet care services directly from that specific client.
  • Signing this form will generate an automated email that will act as a commitment to not solicit my Employer’s clients and will stand in any dispute resolution process.
  • I confirm that I have read, understand, and hereby voluntarily accept the terms of employment outlined above. 

If you agree with the above, please type your name, email address, and date below. You will receive a copy of this Agreement by email.

Please initial that you have read and understood the information above.