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Best New Year’s Pet Resolutions | DFW Pet Sitting

5 years ago · 82 comments

Best New Year’s Pet Resolutions | DFW Pet Sitting

Howdy, pet lovers! Welcome to the New Year’s Pet Resolutions contest!

Yep, yep – you heard us right! Today, we are thinking like our four-legged babies. What if you could sit down with them and have a conversation over dinner? What would you talk about?

In light of the most recent winter holidays, we asked customers of DFW Pet Sitting to share their ideas of what these conversations would be like. Today we are talking about New Year’s pet resolutions. And of course, we are getting to know each other better. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what counts: our connection.

Enjoy the read and the pictures. And please vote for your favorite one! We’ll tally up the votes on Jan 31. The winner with the most votes will receive a $200 pet sitting gift certificate to use with DFW Pet Sitting.

Ready? Set? GO!!!

Submissions from our Dallas / Fort Worth cat sitting and dog walking clients:

1 New Year's Pets Resolutions To sleep in past 4:30 AM!

Logan B.

2 cute cat Smokey’s 2019 pet resolution is to do a try out for the Petsmart Cutest Cats competition if they have one, and spend time with my dog brothers.

Simone T.

3 cat sleeping Molly Brown’s New Year Resolution. “I will not be so proud of my poo. I will cover it up. At least I will take a swipe at covering it up.”

Angela W.

4 cat looking for sunshine Tito’s resolution is to find more sunshine for naps.

Gina L.

5 short legged dog in the grass “Hi. I am Guiness, and my New Year’s Pet resolution for 2019 is to walk more with my mommy, and to be more active so that I can lose weight and no longer be referred to as a bowling ball”.

This is Guiness McKenna’s “glamour shots”. I & my friends call him my bowling ball dog because he is so round (he has short legs).

Mary Jane M.

6 dogs love belly rubs This is Max Stewart – his New Year’s Pet resolution is to lose weight!

Georgette S.

7 cat sitting in Dallas Merry Christmas from the Schissler’s!!!! ❄️

Bull’s New year resolution is to not be shy with his pet sitter!!! 😃
Bella’s new year resolution is to be a lot more nicer to her brother 😁

Thanks again for all that you do!!! You make our vacation days worry free 💗

Belinda C.

8 pet sitting a cat Cheddar’s resolution for 2019 would be to eat wet food every day, and finally catch the red light laser dot. ❤️

Summer B.

9 cat sitting in Fort Worthpet sitting in Dallas Happy Holidays from Tazer aka Tazie !

His New Years Resolution is to not climb on top of the kitchen range hood! (Despite being in his terrible twos)

Photo 1 Tazie chillin in his favorite chair

Photo 2 Tazie still chilling in his favorite chair

Carrie H.

10 laughing with my cat The attached picture is me and one of my cats – Rey – recreating the back of the arm and hammer litter box picture. It’s special.

Her New Years resolution is definitely to learn how to climb even higher up the wall. She wants to be able to touch the ceiling! A real basketball star in the making!

Has been great working with you the last couple months. Very happy to have found a pet service that treats their clients well! Have a great holiday season and look forward to working with Stacy next year!
Aprille B.
11 dog sitting My dogs’ New Year’s Pet resolution is to finally catch those squirrels!

Susie M.

12 catsitting in dallas fort worth “Life is tough sleeping 22 hours a day and destroying mom’s apartment the other 2. My New Year’s Pet Resolution for 2019 is to get in more naps.”

Laju O.

13 holidays with pets Our dog Fletcher’s New Years Resolution is “Sleep more, bark less!”

John and Brandi G.

14 dog behind pillows This is Stan and his resolution is to spend more time outdoors getting exercise and less time eating rabbit poop.

Lynn W.

15 dog sitting We love being a part of the DFW pet sitting family!

Here’s Spartacus enjoying a massive pile of freshly raked leaves!

And, if he could talk, we’re pretty sure his new year’s pet resolution would be: “I’m definitely going to teach my new baby sister due this May how to play in the yard, chase after critters, and jump in the leaves! And, I’m going to concentrate really really hard on not eating any of her toys, like super hard…. SQUIRREL!”

Allison D.

16 cat sitting kittens Best picture is attached. Christian is the classic “mojito” cat personality (per Jackson Galaxy) which makes him such a love bug and joy to have around, but where he really shines is with my foster kittens. He loves each one and gets so much joy from playing and spending time with them. I couldn’t as for a better co-foster! In this image he’s sleeping in the sun with three of my fosters from this past year.

New Year’s Resolution: To figure out how to clean all the kittens at once! Those little ones get so dirty and don’t hold still!

Meredith A.

17 dog with treats Here’s our fur baby!

New Years resolution: take more naps!

Rebecca C.

18 cat care Delilah’s New Year’s resolution is to spend more time unwinding in her hammock and less time looking at smartphones, laptops, tablets, and bat-signals.

Angela B.

19 pet sitting on the couch Jenni says her New Year’s resolution is to be less of a couch potato and take her human for more walks.

Nora L.

20 new year's pet resolution Here’s a photo of Sasha strutting her holiday pose! I have told my friends not to vote so someone else can win this time 😊.

Sasha’s new year’s pet resolution is definitely to continue jumping on the bed in the morning when the alarm goes off, and licking my face until I wake up!

Dorcas N.

21 sleeping cat Elsa’s new year’s pet resolution: Cuddle with my humans as much as I can.

Theresa C.

22 dog walking This is Pilot. For Haloween this year she dressed up as. . . a pilot!

Her New Year’s Pet Resolution this year is to stop eating cat poop!

Jen B.

23 dog sitting in Dallas Fort Worth Willies new year resolution is be more friendly to other dogs. Hehehehe.

Laurie B.

24 puss in boots cat eyes Our pet’s New Years resolution would be: “Try to stop giving my parents the ‘Puss In Boots’ eyes when begging for human food at dinner time.”

Patrick W.

25 pet sitting cats Erica D.
26 dog sitting in Dallas Fort Worth John G.
14 cat sitting two cats Casper and Charlie are happy to have their mother home for the holidays, but will miss their favorite caretaker, Gail C.

Moira M.

15 dog and cattwo cats

holiday cat picture

I can’t decide who’s the cutest, so I’ll leave that to the contest judges.

Carey P.


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Olga Wharton

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