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Kind words about pet sitters – Voting Contest

2 years ago · 31 comments

Kind words about pet sitters – Voting Contest

So many loving and kind words about pet sitters!

I’ve asked my pet sitting clients and employees to tell me a heart-warming story about a pet sitter they’ve had… And I couldn’t hold back a smile reading what you guys wrote. Thank you again for sharing your special moments with us!! ❤️

Please vote in the COMMENTS below with the number of your most favorite entry. We’ll award a $300 pet sitting gift certificate to the 1st place winner who gets the most number of votes.

There is no better Christmas present for me than reading stories of love and connection with your pets or other people.  This is the season to reflect and appreciate what we have. And we truly are blessed to have the love from our pets and the people who surround us.

The cutoff day to vote is December 22, 2021. 

Please share this page with anyone who could use a little collection of heartwarming stories, and all your friends and family who would love to vote for your entry and help you get that gift certificate.

To see a larger image, please click on the photo. 😀🐾

And also if you want to send a holiday gratuity to one of your pet sitters, feel free to use this link.


Entry 1

words about pet sitters

We have two cats (Murtagh the Orange, and Meinrad the Tuxedo), and have been so blessed to have worked with Dana for about a year when we lived in The Colony, and Alina for almost a year now living in Lower Greenville.

The peace of mind we experience knowing our boys are so cared for is just as priceless as the amazing (and sometimes hysterical!) photos we get of them every day while we are gone. Over the summer we had an unexpected out-of-town funeral, and being able to book a pet sitter at the last minute and not have a single worry was such a comfort.

Not to mention, our boys are much less stressed having been played with, brushed, and socialized while we are gone.

We love DFW Pet Sitting!

-Rachel & Sam K.

Entry 2

dog sitting

I am submitting an entry as I have always been appreciative of the love and care Shelly F. showed my dog, Zoe, towards the end of her life.

Zoe was a spunky wire fox terrier. At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. From that time until her death in May 2015, she gradually lost the use of her back legs. Needing someone to take care of her during the day, I reached out to DFW Pet Sitting and was connected with Shelly F. Upon meeting Shelly, I immediately knew she would love and care for Zoe, and she did. She took care of Zoe for many months – making Zoe so happy. In fact, Shelly visited Zoe on her last day here on earth. That evening, Zoe suffered a stroke and we helped her cross over the rainbow bridge.

I remember Shelly telling me that Zoe was great at their last visit, so much so that Shelly had a premonition that Zoe was nearing the end.  Shelly visited me after Zoe passed and I will be forever grateful for how much she cares for the pets she watches and their people. We still use Shelly today and our dogs Oliver and Dewey love seeing her! Attached is a picture of Zoe at her last Christmas.

-Natalie G.

Entry 3

dog walking

I am so incredibly grateful for Lisa Lujan. She stepped in when our previous pet sitter with DFW Pet Sitting moved on. We have a 10-year-old cat (Whiskey) and a very anxious 3-year-old husky (Wyatt). Our 11-year-old greyhound (Waco) had just passed away unexpectedly and I was very concerned about how our pack would react to a new pet sitter while grieving the loss of our “alpha” greyhound (to who our anxious husky was very bonded).

Wyatt’s anxious energy looks pretty intimidating, he growls and barks and won’t let strangers near. Many people who meet Wyatt for the first time are scared by his barking or don’t warm up to him as a result (which has been the case with pet sitters in the past).

I am sooooo grateful for Lisa and her patience with our anxious pup. She reassured us that she had experience with reactive dogs and handled Wyatt well. She watched Wyatt and Whiskey during our last trip (the first vacation my husband and I have gone on in years), and it was such a comfort knowing they were in Lisa’s capable care. By the time we were on our way back, Lisa had actually managed to get Wyatt to relax enough to come to sit with her!

I will definitely be requesting Lisa again!

-Megan M.

Entry 4

pet sitter

I found this dog on December 16th of 2016 outside a friend’s house. Her Saint Bernards were barking like crazy, which was odd for them. I go outside and see this obviously malnourished ball of fluff. I inched my way forward in caution. It was love at first sight to be completely honest. I was able to get a leash on him as I checked for a collar or any signs of where he came from. I called my husband and through tears explained. My husband took me to the local vet clinic to scan for a microchip and do a general health check.

According to his microchip, this dog came from North Carolina, and his chip was registered to a breeder there who claimed to have “probably sold that litter in 2011”. But that couldn’t be right. This dog, according to the vet, was no more than a year old. How can a 5-year-old husky weigh only 30 pounds?

My husband and I called every vet clinic we could find. No one had reported this dog missing. We posted flyers at businesses nearby and posted in pet groups on Facebook. For 2 months we looked for this dog’s home. For two months, we watched him grow and gain weight. We tried to help with his food aggression and realized he had probably been without a family for some time. We watched as our labrador, Crimson, made room for him and shared his toys. Crimson, who had been our only dog for some time, was so happy to have a friend to chase squirrels and rabbits with.

Late February of 2017, my husband and I sat on our back patio and watched this dog play with our labrador. My husband looks at me and says “You know, there’s a reason no one has claimed Greywind right?”
“Greywind?” I questioned. He then motioned towards the husky in our backyard.
(For anyone who has seen Game of Thrones, Greywind is the name of Rob Stark’s Direwolf)
We both knew that name could not be more perfect for him.
“What reason is that?” I ask.
My husband is a FIRM believer in Aristotle’s idea that “Everything happens for a reason;”
He says “Greywind was meant to be ours. God put him in that place, at that time so you could find him for a reason.”
At that point, my husband only said aloud what we both already knew.
Greywind was meant for us.

Greywind is now 86 pounds of fluff and attitude. He says “NO” when he doesn’t want to go outside in the rain or get his paws wet. He hates his paws being touched. His greatest joys in life are belly rubs, laser pointers, and car rides. And he absolutely loves children. He’s not a great guard dog but thankfully we have his German Shepard sister, Nymeria, for that.

God gave us Greywind and we are so grateful!

-Autumn L.

Entry 5

dog sitter

I just love doing business with you guys! I remember when Olga was my pet sitter way back in valley ranch, Irving in 2003 and would take care of my kitty cats.

You guys have such exceptional customer service and Roxanne is amazing! She truly cares and loves for Titan like he is her own pup. We know he is in GREAT hands when she comes over. He loves her so much and gets so excited to see her. Keep up the five-star service.

I appreciate you guys and I sing your praises every chance I get!!

-Misti B.

Entry 6

cat sitter

My best pet sitter was my sister. When Kobb the kitty and I moved internationally to South Korea, my sister flew to Seoul from Busan to pick her up and take care of her for a week while I was in new job training. She has six cats of her own, but Kobb cried every time we left her alone.  My sis spent a week in the room with Kobb to comfort her culture shock.

The picture attached is of Kobb in our little office apartment, getting ready for the long flight back home.

-Lauren F.

Entry 7

dog walker

I would love to spotlight my dog’s amazing walker, Bethany Brittain!

Like many of us, when I first locked eyes with Waylon at the shelter when I adopted him, it was love at first sight. So naturally, when we think about someone else caring for the pets that we love, we can only hope that they have a similar bond. I can truly say that Waylon and I hit the jackpot with Bethany!

From the moment that Bethany first met Waylon, I saw the same bond that Waylon and I had when we first met at the shelter. Sure, Waylon is known for being friendly with everyone, but he has a special place in his heart for Bethany. She always seems to know when he needs an adventure, or a long, casual stroll with lots of sniffs, or just a good park bench where he can take in the world with one of his favorite people. The other day when I was walking Waylon, someone asked me just about the best question a dog mom can dream of. The person asked if Bethany was Waylon’s owner and I was his walker!

Knowing that Bethany and Waylon have such a special bond that is the same as the one between a dog and his dog mom? That is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for!

-Meredith J.

Entry 8

dog walkers

My entry for the contest are my 3 babies: Blue Heeler mix, Jake from a farm & the bad lil old cat with the BEST name: Erica Strada (who brought me an injured baby bat into my bedroom at 4am last week).  They LOVE Santa but hate the mailman.

-Michelle H.

Entry 9

I would like to let you know about our pet sitter Courtney and enter her into the contest.

Courtney takes such great care of our Zoe and Zeb. We really enjoy reading the notes that Courtney leaves us about the fun times she has had when sitting. Our pups always have something fun to say and Courtney describes their activities in a way that lets me feel like I was there with them. And what I also have been so excited to read about is how our Zoe, a now 2-year-old dachshund, has warmed up to her. Zoe is a very shy little dog, she would rather stay about 10 feet away from anyone new in her life.

I was so happy to read the notes from Courtney that after a few times of her visiting, that Zoe was doing her favorite thing she does, and that is give kisses. It was very heartwarming to know Zoe was not spending the whole time we are away being scared of a stranger, but instead was having fun with Courtney!! Our lab Zeb has the opposite problem, he loves attention, and Courtney makes sure he gets all the attention that he seeks!! Courtney also is great about texting us pictures so we do not miss them so much when we are gone.

Thank you Courtney for showing how much love you have for pets and taking such great care of ours!!

-Dana and Randy S.

Entry 10


I want to share my story about Robin M., the sweetest cat sitter with the biggest heart and always making me chuckle.

About a year ago, I was in need of a cat sitter for some travel as I am typically a frequent traveler and my cat sitter had moved out of state.

I met Robin through DFW Pet Service and she was so nice, made me feel at ease and comfortable having someone new in my home to take care of my 2 senior cats. Fast forward to March 2021 and I had a personal emergency. I contacted Robin and she made herself immediately available. My Mom, who lives on the east coast with my Dad, had ended up in the hospital.  We had no idea what was wrong. She had also tested positive for Covid and no one was allowed to visit. She was in there for a month before I was able to make it down there and see her.

We had learned that my Mom had stage 4 cancer and I was a mess. She was also having side effects that were very volatile.  We were asked about living wills so I knew I had to get to her. Robin stepped in so quickly, so kindly, and was able to be there and take care of my cats and my home so I could finally go be with my mom. My Mom is a fighter and she continues to fight to this day. Her battle isn’t over, but her condition has stabilized quite a bit. There is no more volatility in her vitals, for which we are so grateful.

I appreciated having someone I would consider an extended part of our family to help during one of the absolute hardest times of my life. Robin has not only shared her empathy, but she also has this amazing ability to capture the perfect humor in my cats. Whether Maui is hiding in the blinds, or Baby cat is showing some cattitude. Robin always makes me smile and I’m just so very grateful that we have her in our lives. The cats are so very grateful too!!

Thanks for giving us a forum to share how wonderful our favorite pet sitter family members are ❤️

-Amanda S.

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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.