Get Started With DFW Pet Sitting

Step 1 – Obtaining Information and Scheduling Initial Interview

You can either call or fill out our online request form to request an Initial Interview.  The form will ask you to specify your preferred date and time for the interview, and we’ll accommodate your schedule.  Once we receive the request, we’ll find a pet sitter for you who lives in your area and is available for the job, and we’ll email you the name of your sitter and a brief information about her/him.  The person you meet will be the person who will become your pet sitter, and she/he will take are of your babies each time you travel, so that we can form a long and lasting relationship with you.  There is no charge for this interview unless it’s an emergency and you need to meet your sitter within 24 hours.  Please schedule about 30 minutes to discuss your pets’ routine with your pet sitter.

Step 2 – Initial Interview

Once we arrange the meeting, you will receive an email containing a link that you can use to provide us with your pets’ information, personalities, feeding instructions, medicine, favorite activities, etc.  The goal is for your pet sitter to review the info beforehand, but if you are too busy, we’ll just fill it out during the meeting with you.  Our goal is to make it easy for you while setting up a customized pet care plan so we follow your pets’ routine as closely as possible while you are away.  Your pet sitter can also take your credit card info at that meeting, or you can just fill it out through the link that’s emailed to you.  We will not run the payment until you are back home and happy with the service.

We will also ask you if you want us to pick up your mail, newspaper, water plans, alternate lights, etc. (at no additional charge).  We will try to accommodate any additional requests you may have.  We pick up your key during this visit.  Your key will be labeled with a security code, and neither your name nor address will be listed on it for liability purposes.

Step 3 – Confirmation of Services

Within 24 hours after the interview we will email you a confirmation of all the visits that are scheduled.  It’s important that you look over them to make sure that the dates and times of the visits are correct.  We will also call you a day in advance before we are scheduled to take care of your pets.  If you haven’t receive an email confirmation or a call, please call us as soon as possible.

Step 4 – Payment

We will draft your credit card a day after the services have been completed.  We offer 100% money back guarantee. We also ask our customers to rate our services after they return – please let us know how we are doing so we can ensure we are meeting and hopefully exceeding all of your expectations!  You will receive an email with the amount drafted and a link to our survey – we look at each and every one of them!!

Step 5 – Repeat Customer Reservations

You can call or email us, or fill out our Online Service Request form.  We ask for at least 24 hour notice, but will accommodate any last minute and emergency instances.  You can give us as little as two hours notice and count on professional pet care.  Last minute requests have become our strength and specialty.


Our company strongly believes in insurance. DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc. and all its employees are insured and bonded by one of the top insurers in the industry. We know our pet sitters and we know that they’ll care for your four-legged babies as if they were their own. Because we understand that you may worry about your pets and home, especially if you are using us for the first time, feel free to call our insurance provider to verify our coverage: Business Insurers of the Carolinas, 1-800-962-4611, our Certificate # is USA 841177-03739-44.