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fun dog tricks

Fun Dog Tricks

An online dog training course while you work from home

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dog trickThis Fun Dog Tricks online class has been selected by DFW Pet Sitting services for all dog lovers aywhere.

So you, the dog owners, are stuck at home, kinda indefinitely. And if not completely stuck, then surely spending A LOT more time with your pets. Let’s find a silver lining – make it a game!!  You have this treasure that will lift your spirits, make you laugh, and make you move around – your dog. It’s right here, in front of you!! Ready to learn new fun dog tricks!!

DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc. is happy to introduce you guys to The Dog Gurus. These two ladies are the best in industry – they train the trainers. It is a small two-women Texas business. Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA, specializes in dog training and behaviour, and she has embraced the uncertainty by creating a “Tricks for Fun” online course. It is specifically designed for those pet owners who never really had time to do tricks with their dogs.

All tricks in the Fun Dog Tricks class are taught using positive reinforcement only.

If you are like me, NOT a dog trainer but more of a human who services my dog, you will relate to what I have to say next. fun dog

It never crossed my mind to apply those those “playing dead” and “weaving between the legs” tricks to my own dog. Nope. Not a chance. 

But I have a feeling now the time has come – we “regular mortals” now have this perfect tool that has been designed just for us. AND…. We have time. We have all the time now. When else will we get this perfect opportunity? I’m sure that once quarantine is lifted, we’ll be cashing in all those airline credits and taking all the missed vacations.

Below are my ground-breaking ideas on how we impact others in the best positive way

fun tricks

You earn 1 free pet sit with us when you purchase the course

You earn 1 free pet sit if your friend or a friend of a friend purchases this course and lists you as a reference (no limit how many, and doesn’t matter if they live in the metroplex or in another state or in another country – they are earning free pet sits for YOU!)

If you are a current client and love your pet sitter, you can list them as a reference in the Pet Sitter field, and the PET SITTER will get a $20 bonus added to their next timesheet

If you are a current employee, you will receive a $20 bonus per each purchase who lists you as a referral. No limit on how many.

When you purchase the Fun Dog Tricks course, you will receive:

A full year access to an online tricks course with tricks taught by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA (a certified professional dog trainer).

All tricks taught using positive methods

Customer support provided by The Dog Gurus Customer Care Team while they are enrolled on their LMS

fun dog tricksOnline access to 35 short video tutorials covering over 15 different behaviors including:

  • The basics (sit, down, name game, stay)
  • Kennel up
  • Shake
  • Spin
  • Roll over/play dead
  • Go to mat
  • Platform training
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Peekaboo
  • Muffin tin game
  • Ring the bell
  • Back up
  • Weave between legs
  • Say your prayers
  • Jump through arms

This discounted price offer is temporary only during the quarantine period. And we should try to do a company-wide video showcase to earn prizes and keep ourselves and others entertained and pumped up with positive emotions!! Stay tuned!

To claim this highly discounted COVID-19 offer of $149.99

Order Now

I know many of your are self-employed who are not in the best position to spend extra money now. And many of you have been laid off.

  • How can my company help?
  • Would you like to set up an interest-free payment plan?
  • Would you like to pay a portion now and the rest later?

Those who haven’t lost their income but would love to help others or brighten someone’s day

  • My company will award you with one free visit per each gift purchase, no limit
  • My company will pay a $20 bonus to your pet sitter per each gift purchase, no limit

Do you have any additional suggestions?

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to figure out how to use my position to help my employees, to keep my business afloat, and how to best support my customers. This slow down is a great opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves, our relationships, and also find other joys in life that we used to be too busy to notice. In my case, spending time with my dog and my family without an agenda has been unexpectedly wonderful (I was sure we would kill each other at the end of day #3).

Learning how to let go of the inevitable and not stress out too much about canceled business was a huge part of my personal growth. This inner peace and calmness allowed me to find creative ways to help people in my community. Finding this online fun dog tricks course that I can share with others is a way we can positively impact each other:

  • you guys impact my business where I take a portion of the price
  • the creator of the course gets paid
  • your pet sitter gets a bonus
  • you get a free visit (or more)
  • and your dog gets to play with you

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart

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