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Dogfest 2019

4 years ago · Comments Off on Dogfest 2019

Dogfest 2019

pets at dog fest

Bright and colorful Banner


Festive Balloon Letters







Courtney Craig and Kara Sewell at Dogfest 2019


Well, Dogfest 2019 finally arrived on Saturday, October 5th at the Kinkeade Campus of Baylor, Scott & White and Canine Companions in Irving, Texas. DFW Pet Sitting Services was there to record the event. I can testify it was a very well attended celebration of a year-long fundraising effort to fund Service Dogs for those with disabilities.

Local TV News Anchor Master of Ceremonies For Dogfest 2019

I immediately noticed that Master of ceremonies was Kara Sewell who is the news anchor for the early morning show on TV channel 8, WFAA. And I saw a  full complement of staff there including our old friend Courtney Craig.

Something For Everyone 

I recorded the fact that it was a very hot day and the dogs, not just humans, needed to keep themselves hydrated. So water was everywhere for man and beast alike as well as some good food.

Beyond that, I saw there was a bounce house for the kids and a number of booths, mostly by sponsors of the event, that spread out all over this large parking lot. And also, a live band.


Bounce House


A Booth











And dogs, lots of dogs everywhere, including this cutie.


Cute Dog

In addition, I viewed a mini obstacle course for the dogs to run through. And a clown. What would an event like this be without a clown?


And on top of that, I listened to two heartwarming testimonials that showed the importance of these Service Dogs and what they can do for people who are disabled.


The Dog Walk For Dogfest 2019


Dog Walk At Dogfest 2019



The highlight of the day was the dog walk. All the dogs, in costumes, and their owners, trainers and handlers set off from the balloon arch and walked around the hospital and back to the finish line, the balloon arch from whence they started.


Best Dog Costume Contest 


Dog Costume Winner of Dogfest 2019

Afterward, I watched the judging of the best dog costume. And this dog that carried a picnic table on its back won the top prize.

But that was not all. I watched a demonstration of Service dog training after which dog owners exchanged stories with friends and strangers alike,

Most importantly, I applauded the announcement that Canine Companions had exceeded its fund-raising goal at Dogfest 2019 by raising $76,816 this year.

Consequently, at the close of the event, all, human or canine, left with a satisfying sense of accomplishment and a smile on their faces. We all had been sponsors of the Canine Companions development and placement of Service Dogs free of charge in homes where they were desperately needed.

Canine Companions Mascot

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Fred Milliken

Fred Milliken

Fred Milliken is a writer and contributor to the DFW Pet Sitting Blog. He is also a pet sitter with this company, who loves animals and lives his life to show how they impact our world every day.