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DFW Pet Sitters Mingle

4 years ago · Comments Off on DFW Pet Sitters Mingle

DFW Pet Sitters Mingle

DFW Pet Sitters Mingle

On June 29th at 9:45 AM I pulled into the parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts in Flower Mound, Texas. I was early for the DFW Pet SittingMingle, sometimes called a Meet and Greet. Laura, our Manager, was the only one from our group there. That gave me the opportunity to talk face to face with Laura about a Pet Sitting I have that has complications. I think these face to face meetings are invaluable.

Mingle June 2019

Right away I see two boxes of donuts on the table and Laura is quick to buy me a hot tea and a blueberry muffin. I told her that I am watching my calories and I only eat donutless holes. :))

After that, more Pet Sitters arrived, some old faces from the last Mingle and some new ones. Laura says she will continue to hold future Mingles in many different locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. I put in a plug for Garland-Rowlett.

DFW Pet Sitting Services Covers A Wide Area

In addition, I ask everybody I hadn’t met before their location and how long they have been pet sitting and how long they have lived in the Metroplex. I began to realize what a wide area of the Metroplex we cover. Meanwhile one pet sitter has a full-time job where many employees brought in their dogs with them so they could have a dozen or more dogs at the workplace on any given day. I thought that was very interesting and unique.


Laura and Georgette

After that, I was in deep discussion with Nancy about our experiences. I asked her what she did when she is faced with an unfriendly dog. How did she diffuse the situation and make friends with this animal, was my question? She gave me some good feedback.

Training & Feedback Helps Us Improve

To clarify, that is another good reason to get together in a Mingle. I can pick the brain of my fellow pet sitters. Subsequently, I also had a long conversation with Georgette who I had not meet before. She has two years’ experience as a Pet Sitter, and I asked her about her most difficult pet sitting jobs.

We Are Growing And Adding Staff

Laura introduced us to Samantha her new Assistant. Samantha will be helping in many areas but, most importantly, she will be training new pet sitters. I am a big believer in pre job training and follow up training. The better we are at our jobs as pet sitters the better our reputation, the more business will come our way.


Laura and Samantha

The conversation was not all business. We had an animated back and forth about the weather here contrasted with the weather up North and swimming pools. One of the pet sitters is putting a pool in her yard.

That led me to something I always wanted to experience, a dog swimming with me in the ocean. I asked everybody what breed would be best for that and if anybody had such an experience. In the same vein, I presently am pet sitting a Goldendoodle and I asked his owners if she swam with them. They told me that he did.

Just like last time Laura had prizes for us and she gave us all a business card with a $10 off a new customer’s first pet sitting. I have already passed out two to prospective customers. Those are the perks available at a DFW Pet Sitting Mingle.

And finally when I looked up it was time to go. That is to say,  how fast the time flies when you are having a good time. If you are a DFW Pet Sitter I recommend highly that you try to catch one of our Mingles.



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Fred Milliken

Fred Milliken

Fred Milliken is a writer and contributor to the DFW Pet Sitting Blog. He is also a pet sitter with this company, who loves animals and lives his life to show how they impact our world every day.