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Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Coppell

Coppell Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Services is a branch of the DFW Pet Sitting company, covered by their insurance, backed by their reputation and managed by their excellent staff.

We have been operating in Coppell and its surrounding areas since 2003.  Valley Ranch, Las Colinas (Irving) and Coppell were the stomping grounds of the company.  The owner used to live in Valley Ranch at the time, so our presence in Coppell is very established.  The owner was the one who started Bark in The Park that takes place at Andrew Brown Park East on Sundays before Halloween.

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Check out a few of out Coppell pet sitters and dog walkers:

Coppell Pet Sitters and Dog WalkersNatalie and Sergey S.:

Natalie and Sergey is a husband and wife team.  They live in Coppell and pet sit together as a team.  They each have their own clients but are always ready to back each other up if an emergency were to happen.  They are Olga’s parents and are the co-owners of the company.  They immigrated from Russia back in 2006 when their first granddaughter was born.  That’s when they made a decision to move and be closer to their only child and her newborn baby.  It was a win-win situation for everyone.  Even though Natalie and Sergey sometimes may lack perfect English when communicating with pet owners, the four-legged babies know how to speak the “language of pet love”!!  🙂

They take care of cats, dogs, reptiles and birds.  They are proficient in injections, insulin administering, and will follow the pets’ routines as closely as possible.  Sergey is a strong and energetic retired sailor who will handle all sizes of dogs.  Natalie is more popular with cats due to her softer personality of a piano teacher.

In addition to pet sitting and dog walking, they will provide pet taxi services in Coppell as well as to the airport or other local destinations.

In-home boarding is another popular service they provide.  They live in a house with a large back yard, and are always happy to have little house guests to snuggle with while watching TV.

Coppell Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Wanda C.:

Wanda has been with DFW Pet Sitting since 2003!  She was one of the first pet sitters hired on board when the company grew.  Wanda is also an established Coppell resident.  She has 2 adorable cats who love snuggling and lounging around.  Wanda is also planning on getting a dog in the near future.  That’s when she’s really going to take advantage of the Coppell Dog Park.  It is an amazing place to exercise your dogs.  We highly recommend them to all our clients.

Wanda is loving and attentive to all kinds of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, even rabbits!  The list of Wanda’s happy customers goes on and on, and we are full of gratitude that she is a member of our team.  Wanda did also what we call “running with your dog”.  One of her clients needed extensive exercise so Wanda followed regular running schedule which brought excellent results for the pets.

Wanda is proficient in insulin injections as well as sub q fluids.

Wanda takes her pets to VCA Sandy Lake Animal Hospital and speaks very highly of them.

Services provided:

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Overnight Pet Care, Pet Taxi, House Checks.

Areas covered:

Coppell, Valley Ranch, Las Colinas, Irving, Lewisville


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional info on local pet friendly resources, or if you need more references about our pet sitters.