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Amazing Employees of DFW Pet Sitting – Voting Contest

2 years ago · 369 comments

Amazing Employees of DFW Pet Sitting – Voting Contest

Amazing Employees of DFW Pet Sitting and Pets They Love!

So I’ve asked my pet sitting employees to pick a pet they love and tell us a story. The biggest complaint I got was that it’s SO HARD to pick just one!! I guess I’ll have to do these fun games more often! That truly is one fantastic way to highlight more and more of the amazing animals we love and cherish!

Please vote in the COMMENTS below with the number of your most favorite entry, and we’ll award $250 to the 1st place winner who gets the most number of votes. I know, it’s SO HARD to pick just one!!! To ease this pain, I decided to give two more awards: we’ll also honor the 2nd place winner with a $150 prize and the 3rd place winner with a $100 prize.

I hope we can get lots of participation!! Can’t wait to read everyone’s comments right before and during this Thanksgiving season!  I just can’t think of a better way to appreciate my people and brighten everyone’s day with the most loving and cherishing stories that are real, raw, and are happening right here in our lives right now.

The cutoff day to vote is Sunday after Thanksgiving at midnight, Nov 28, 2021. 

Please share this page with anyone who needs a little sunshine into their day. We are so blessed with some amazing people here at DFW Pet Sitting. This list is just a portion of my wonderful team. We’ll be eventually uncovering all of our wonderful pet sitters over time, one contest at a time. I promise to do these more often! This is the most favorite part of my job!!!

To see a larger image, please click on the photo. 😀🐾

And also if you want to send a gratuity to one of your pet sitters (no reason, just because they are awesome), feel free to use this link. Let’s make this holiday season super special for anyone we are able to impact.

And an important reminder: enjoy this holiday season and be safe! Here is an article from Redfin pulling together many pieces of advice from the brightest minds of the pet care industry: https://www.redfin.com/blog/holiday-pet-safety-tips/

Hope you get yourself a nice cup of tea and sit comfortably: you can’t truly realize how much these people love animals until you read their stories. 😀🐾

Entry 1cute corgi I could not possibly choose just one picture to capture the essence of this sweet girl. Pearl is a 4-month-old corgi who walked into my life with her little stumpers and single floppy ear while her lovely mom was out of town. Being a cat mom myself, spending time with this energetic baby was the highlight of my month! We played fetch, practiced tricks, and this dazzling beauty snuggled me to sleep so she could make sure she gave me plenty of morning kisses. 100/10 she is the best Pearly girly!

Chelan B.

Entry 2cat sitting This is Kira (Kia). She is one of my sweet fur babies that I have met this past year when times were more stressful than usual in my day-to-day personal life. We have the best time! She loves to follow me around all over the house helping with the things for her and her brother Henry. She trusted me instantly from day one. We often have photo shoots during our sits together and always lots of laughs. She loves her food, her mouse toy, and absolutely LOVES drinking from the faucet.

What she loves the most is to get brushed – her mom told me that. Oh, how she ever loves to be brushed! She will knock over everything on the countertop and leave nose kiss marks on the mirror all over being so excited, purring the whole time. I remind her that she is smart, kind, strong, and lovable during our spa days. And she reminds me to always find time to just enjoy a few moments of pampering myself no matter what I face or how busy life can be. So I now take time with my Kia girl to embrace a spa moment and pamper myself with one of my favorite girls as her brother rolls his eyes at us from the bed! Always live life like Kia!!

Adrienne H.

Entry 3dog sitting My special pet friend is Buffy. She is a little black 5 lb Pomeranian doggie that I pet sit Monday through Friday weekly.

I met Buffy by luck because the pet sitter that would have been assigned to her happened to be on vacation. On our meeting day with Buffy and her mom, I noticed that her gate code for her housing community was my favorite number – a number that I shared with my deceased dad. I knew that had to be a good sign.

During the meeting with Buffy and Meghan, her mom, I asked what was Buffy’s date of birth. She told me it was January 29th. That response shocked me. I told her, “That’s strange, that’s my dad’s birthday”. Then I shared with her the story about the code for her gate and that the code also related back to my dad. She agreed with me that it was a little bit strange. During the meeting, Buffy was pretty standoffish towards me, and her mom reassured me that it would take a while for her to come around and that she might bark at me every time I come to the house.

On our first day alone together, Buffy refused to let me put her harness on her to go for a walk. I accepted that she would be distant for a little while, so we just played together a lot inside. She did let me know she was the boss by coming over to me while playing on the couch and pushing my chest with her front two little paws. After the 1st day, I asked her mom if she would mind putting on the harness before she left for work in the morning. Her mom said, “She can be very Sassy”. I said, “That’s funny because that’s my maiden name.”

Day after day Buffy got closer to me. I created a routine for the two of us that we would repeat every day. I thought that this would be a good idea to encourage Buffy to start gaining trust in me. After a few days of me coming to visit her, she had stopped barking when I came into the house, and always looked delighted to see me, and sad when it was time for me to leave. We walked every day and played with her ball, frog, and red light, her favorite toys.

One day, after only a week of me coming to see her, she jumped up on the couch after we had been playing and laid beside me. I just started to pet her, filled with joy because this was the first time she had ever done this. I immediately sent a video to her mom. This went on for a few weeks, and then one day as I was petting her I said “Buffy, you are becoming my favorite doggie ever”, and she got up, walked over to me, and gave me a kiss. I was shocked and stayed longer that day just to spend more time with her. I knew from the beginning that Buffy was going to be very special to me.

Dana B.

Entry 4pet sitting a doodle I met Harvey when he was a young Goldendoodle…about 2 months old. He nuzzled his way into my heart and had me wrapped around his wiggly little tail immediately. Harvey lives to go on walks, play fetch, and tug-o-war. He even came to stay with me and my pup Chip for a weekend. I no longer get to visit Harvey because, well, that is the life of a pet sitter. But he will always be in my heart! However, he made such a lasting impact on me, that he inspired me to make the leap into large dog relationships. And now I have my own doodle, Lancelot! It’s pretty funny because they have very similar personalities being both playful and cuddly.

Steffanie J.

Entry 5running with dogs My favorite pet sitting client I have had so far is the dog named Ollie. I watched him over the holidays a couple of years ago. And we enjoyed walking through the nearby botanical gardens, playing fetch, and just running together for some outside exercise. Ollie is an extremely intelligent, energetic, and just overall lovable dog that you instantly fall in love with. He is my top favorite dog I have sat with DFW Pet Sitters. And I cannot wait to see him again.

Charles A.

Entry 6pomeranian pet sit This is me and Mia, one of my favorite pets belonging to a client. She is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. Mia has beautiful markings on her face and all that beautiful soft hair. She is quite the little lady!

Patricia B.

Entry 7dog love As a puppy, Titan had surgery on his front leg. I became his Pet Sitter to help Titan in the afternoons as he was recovering. I could tell walking was difficult for him, and so I massaged his leg and would praise him as he slowly put weight on the leg. As time went on, Titan became stronger and fully recovered.

Then, I had surgery on my right hand two months ago. I continued my pet sitting visits with my arm in a sling and I would pet him with my bandaged hand. Titan would lick my hand as if he knew I was in pain.

I believe Titan and I are best friends, and our time together is a gift. He always kisses me goodbye at the end of our playdates.

Roxy B.

Entry 8cat sitter near me DFW Pet Sitting was the first job I’ve ever had. I was coming out of a very difficult time in my life, so I was so grateful for the opportunity that was in my comfort zone and experience at the time.

Right off the bat, I was scheduled with my first and longest-lasting client, a cat named Turbo. Now, how does one describe The Turbo? Is it the black, bewitching coat reminiscent of his Chantilly ancestors, that shines the faintest tints of brown in the sunlight? His striking green eyes that hold the mysteries of the universe? Or his unmistakable meow that calls for immediate attention when one walks in the door? No one shall dare ignore The Turbo, for we are all peasants to his majesty, and he shall be showered in petting and treated to the sweetness of whipped cream.

Legend says that if one should be favored in the eyes of King Turbo, then they are bestowed the honor of carrying him around. Even, perhaps, if his Lordship is feeling particularly gracious, he would cling onto someone’s hand while he slumbers. Though, these are legends of course, as Turbo is mostly seen perched on top of his mighty throne, his gaze keeping a careful watch over his kingdom just outside the window.

Fanfare and dramatics aside, Turbo holds a very special place in my heart. It warms my heart that he greets me every time I walk in the door, regardless of how much time has passed between our last visits. He will fuss at me to hold my hand out so he can wrap his paws around it and fall asleep. I’ve never had a cat want that from me before in all my life. Should Turbo ever need another home, he would have one with me.

Greyson S.

Entry 9pet sitting 2 cats These are my two fur babies, Lucretzia and her brother Cesare. I adopted these two from a loving family that had a litter of kittens a little over one year ago. They quickly garnered family affections as adolescent cats and soon melded smoothly with the pack we have living in our home. Both cats enjoy going outdoors to explore and practice their skills. Cesare likes to venture out while Lucretzia is content staying in the yard close to her family. Over the summer they began to return our affections by bringing “gifts” to our door. They became especially fond of catching live cicada to bring back. Their love and company have made my days full of adventure and companionship. I look forward to many more years with their adorable furry selves.

Jesse B.

Entry 10best cat sitter I love all my furry DFW Pet Sitting family so it was hard to choose just one. But I lean toward the feline variety, and recently met Lizzie, who stole my heart! Lizzie has been with the same family for 20 years… yes, 20 years! She has literally grown up with the kids in the house who are now in their 20-s as well. She has a canine brother Teddy, who is also up there in years, and they still bicker with one another as any good siblings would do!

Lizzie enjoys lounging on her heated kitty beds which are located in various locations so she can be as finicky as she wants. At this age, she is treated like a queen and has rightly earned the title! When her bowl is not filled in a timely manner, she lets you know her displeasure so you can quickly remedy the situation. She loves attention, much to Teddy’s annoyance, and will let you scrub her head and chin for as long as you are willing to participate!

Christine D.

Entry 11love my dogs These two dogs are special. The golden retriever just loves on you no matter what. The other one named Luvs is sweet. She once started barking back at another dog barking at me. Luvs isn’t violent but she will protect those she loves. She has a momma’s spirit. I also once was able to help her up on the couch. She came running up beside me in the excitement that I helped her.

Kirk D.

Entry 12fluffy dog pet sitting This is Mia. One of the newest and sweetest clients I’ve ever had. All this little girl wants is LOVE and lots of it! A picture is worth a thousand words and this says it all.  Unconditional love!

Susan S.

Entry 13pet sitting service dog My service dog, Georgia, helped pull the cart up the ramp several times, then got a free ride down. Putting anxious energy into yak cheese bone. So many pet memories, so little space on this page!

David M.

Entry 14cuddling puppy This is my baby, his name is Blu. He is a 12-year old Pomeranian that I rescued from an abusive home of a family member about 7 years ago. He just received his bordetella vaccine on 11/28/2020 and he had a really bad reaction to it. Had a really bad cough that I had to carry him in this carrier for days. Poor baby was too weak to walk and couldn’t lay flat. I thought I was going to lose him. Thank God he pulled through.

Lynda Z.

Entry 15dog walking I’m a new pet sitter for DFW Pet Sitting, and my first client was Bella. She’s a 12-year-old Pomeranian and was so much fun to pet sit. She is very sassy and loves taking walks and playing fetch with her ball. She would do a spin for a treat and loved all the pets I gave her at each visit. I can’t wait to pet sit for her owners again!

Jennifer R.

Entry 16cat sitting This is a picture of Slate, he is the definition of a scaredy-cat 🙀 I am brand new to the DFW Petsitting team, but not new to loving animals 😻 Slate is special because he is my first client. I just finished up my first job with him this morning.  And although he didn’t warm up to me like I was hoping, there is still room for us to grow together as friends. I look forward to sitting for him again over the holidays in December. After being a stay-at-home mom and moving around with my now-retired Air Force husband for 14 years, I can say that I think I truly found my calling, and I am so happy to be part of this team! Thank you for the opportunity to love on these animals and I look forward to the future clients I get to interact with!

Jenni P.

Entry 17dog loving My favorite pet sitting job was when I took care of Bailey. She’s a heavy-sized dog but acts like a little pup. Every time I went over, she knew exactly what to do when it can to a walk, feeding, and playing. She’s an absolute sweetheart and I look forward to pet sitting this one next time!

James P.

Entry 18dog walking yorkies This is Edie and Emie. They are the cutest, most well-behaved dogs I’ve gotten the chance to work with! Of course, all my clients are my favorites but these two hold a special place in my heart. Their mom kept putting off our meeting due to moving issues and then when she could meet, I had to go put the family dog down. He was a 12-year old dog. A muscle degenerative disease finally took his legs and he could no longer walk. He was always in an immense amount of pain. Edie and Emie’s mom was so understanding and completely understood.

The day I met these two I was covered with kisses and snuggles. Their mom was so surprised because they don’t normally warm up to people so fast. Ever since then I’ve been walking these cute little love bugs every week. They have so much personality! They’re the most well-behaved toy dogs I have ever cared for, and their kisses always make my day. Even if it’s been a couple of weeks since I see them, they always remember me and greet me with the wiggliest butts ever!

Angela D.

Entry 19pet sitting senior dogs Jack was my very first pet sitting assignment. He was a black labrador. He was so precious. Neighbors would always stop and say hi to him when I was walking him. Everyone loved Jack. W would always stop and look at the ducks on our walks. I’d say “Sorry, but we have to go and finish our walk”, and he would always patiently follow me. He was the sweetest dog I have ever met. He is no longer with us but I’ll never forget him.

Melissa J.

Entry 20cat sitting near me Pepper McClure is a sweet, loving, beautiful, but spicy longhaired black kitty that I have been taking care of since 2016. I inherited him from another pet sitter after he had bitten them. He and I get along very well. Scott is my backup sitter and he loves Pepper as well. We both know his parents. His mom passed away a couple of years ago from the same brain cancer that my best friend’s brother Benny passed away from. She was a wonderful person and loved her Pepper as you can see by the way she decorated the house as a Pepper shrine with all of the Pepper look-alikes. His parents vacationed often in Mexico together. They loved it. His daddy still does. He recently brought me a ceramic mini Pepper which you can see in the picture. I will always cherish it.

Lisa L.

Entry 21cat care I met precious little Zoe Palmer in June of 2016. She was already 5 years old and had been in a loving home with some companions. Her person passed away and therefore they were all put up for adoption. Connie was searching for a special needs cat. She found, fell in love with, and adopted Zoe. They belong together! Zoe could not ask for a better person.

Zoe is so grateful to be back in a loving home. She is full of love and shows that to me on each visit. We go outside together, she still enjoys playing with her string toys and just soaks up the love for the most. She breathes and purrs differently than other cats. I have even recorded her purr. Her special needs don’t hold a candle to her special soul! She is so beautiful. Her beauty outside is matched by her beauty inside. I have and will enjoy the time we have together. She holds a piece of my heart. It is truly my privilege to be a part of Zoe’s world.

Shelly F.

Entry 22cat sitters fort worth Being a pet sitter is a mini piece of heaven. All animals are different with their own unique personalities. I’ve been with the company since 2013 and have met so many great furry friends as well as their parents.

One of my favorite friends is Tommy Girl. I became her pet sitter in 2018. Tommy Girl is one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving cats I have ever known. And I’ve known many including my own 2 wild ones, lol. Tommy Girl is not vocal at all; I’ve actually never heard her meow once in all these years. The thing she is great at is cuddles! On those stressful days, at my full-time job, when I get off and see Tommy Girl on my schedule it’s such a treat. She’s always waiting for me when I arrive and all she wants is for me to sit on the couch so she can climb up onto my lap or chest so that I can love on her. We can spend the majority of the visit just cuddled together.

Tommy Girl recently gained a brother named Lil Bit. He used to belong to her human dad’s mom who passed away this year. Tommy Girl is such a sweet loving lady. She has welcomed Lil Bit into her home and into our visits with a big open heart full of love. They both have definitely become like family to me and I’m lucky to have them in my life.

Lisa L.

Entry 23dog walker near me This is Austin “Big Boy”. I had the privilege of pet sitting for this huge sweet baby (over 150 lbs) Newfoundland for over 1.5 years. His head was larger than my husband’s head. He left us this past fall and crossed over the bridge. But, he remains in my heart and memories. From the moment I heard his deep bark as he tried to intimidate me during our initial meeting, I felt a special connection with Austin. I can still see him snoring away with all four feet up in the air after I had brushed his incredibly thick black coat. I hope Austin is having eternal time enjoying treats and his walks with that huge smile on his face.

Louise G.

Entry 24kitty sitter He may look like an unmovable object, but the usually very active Murphy is one of my wonderful DFW Petsitting babies. We met in mid-2017, and it was love at first sight. He’s friendly, sweet, very playful, and likes to cuddle. (I think he’s missing Dana, his mom, but still….❤️)

Murphy also has a quirkiness that adds to his charm. I never know what surprise he will leave in his water bowl: a favorite toy, a treat, and once even a wrapped fortune cookie he found while counter-surfing. Who couldn’t love this fun boy?

To quote Charles Dickens, “There’s no greater gift than the love of a cat.”

Laura N.

Entry 25dog sitters near me I love ALL the fur babies I get to take care of but Felipe is my #1 dude!

Just look at this Rico Suave in his old man sweater!

He is hilarious and a total sweetheart even when he thinks he is being a badass chasing people and dogs walking down the street.
I was warned when I first started taking care of him that he might nip but we hit it off instantly and I’m lucky enough to get to see him 5 days a week!

Laurie P.

Entry 26cat sitters dallas I am entering my 19-year-old calico, Minnie. I have never had an animal as long as I have had her. Our special time is when I get in bed to give her butt rubs. She loves this!! Minnie is also a fan of catnip and videos for cats on YouTube. She hasn’t been feeling well recently so I know I have limited time with her due to her age. I am also posting a picture of my other babies, Sassy and Bella. They are 14 and 15 and are mother and daughter.

Jackie T.

Entry 27dog walkers near me I never knew how entertaining playing fetch could be, that is until I met Honey. Honey is the most interesting, loving, playful pup I’ve ever encountered. She and her brother Otto greeted me with the warmest welcome as if we’d met in a previous universe, finally reunited. From the earliest moments of our bond, I could sense Honey’s restless desire to chase her ball; guiding me to the back door with it along for the journey. After just a few games of back and forth, it was evident we were not going to be done playing until she was ready lol. Her gentle nature, exuberant attitude, and dying passion for the game of fetch are just a few characteristics that make Honey the SWEETEST pup you’ll ever meet!

(Honey is the Brown pup with the ball in her mouth haha)

Zion P.

Entry 28sleeping cat Handsome Hardy and I are best buddies. He’s a flame point Siamese rescue cat, and he uses his meezer voice to get attention. His favorite activities: spending quality time with his catnip mousie, interrupting while others are talking, and keeping my head warm.

Katherine M.

Entry 29cat sitting flower mound I absolutely love all my clients, and there just wasn’t any way I could pick just one pet picture. So instead I thought I would share my pet with everyone. I actually have two black cats but this one is the social one. Junebug adopted me about 8 years ago. As you can see, he likes doing whatever I’m doing.

I have enjoyed working with DFW Pet Sitting and getting the chance to take care of everyone’s special pet.

Nancy K.

Entry 30dog sitting near me Bonnie is the one I love spending time with. She is a Great Pyrenees rescue whose new parents, Spiller, provide her with all the latest and greatest of treats and toys. Don’t tell her, but some of the toys are helping with anxiety. She is a beautiful gentle giant with occasional zoomies 😁

Dayna B.

Entry 31dog sitter near me When I first met her, she looked at me with big, brown, cataract-ridden eyes, and her long wavy ears were so silky. I knew that at one time those eyes were big, brown, pools of love.

Her name was Bailey. She and her partner in crime, Paddy, are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They also live with a beautiful calico cat named Julie. They were my first permanent clients.

I sat with them a lot over two years before Covid. Bailey was getting up in years and not getting around really well. Paddy was frisky, albeit, very overweight. Julie pretended she didn’t want any petting but came around every time I was there.

When I would sit with them, I noticed that Bailey was not eating her food. It was kept on the sofa where it was believed Paddy could not get to it. So, I would put Bailey in my lap and hand-put one piece of kibble under her lip until she was interested enough to eat on her own. I could tell she was becoming frail and it was breaking my heart. She was so sweet.

Sometimes when I noticed she had not eaten in the morning I would wait till evening to see if she was going to eat maybe throughout the day. I would arrive and find that she had eaten every single kibble left in her bowl. Something was up!!

I believed Paddy was eating her food…..oh no, not Paddy. When their momma came home I told her what I thought. She said, “Paddy is too fat to get up on the sofa”. My thoughts were that Paddy could climb a mountain if there was food involved.

Each time I pet sat for them, I would brush out Bailey’s beautiful coat, her long wavy ears, and bushy tail. I would hold her in my lap and give her lots of kisses. She deserved every one of those kisses.

Sadly, this year, I was told that sweet, precious, little Bailey had passed. I cried. I had made several pictures of her while sitting and had two blown up and framed and took them to her mamma. She was so happy to get them.

Some time had passed since Bailey’s crossover and my client told me that Paddy had lost 15 pounds. I wonder; is that because he now was not eating for two?

I miss you Miss Bales, my nickname for her.

Jacquelyn L.

Entry 32pet sitter near me I would like to introduce you to my friend Willie. He may be small, but he has the heart of a lion. This pup makes sure nothing at all harms me while we are out on our walks. He puts himself between me and any danger, whether it is a duck or the much-despised FedEx truck. I have known Willie for several years now, and it always brightens my day to spend time with this brave boy.

Gail C.

Entry 33pet sitting near me The pet I’m going to choose is Lucky. He’s a very old dog, 16 years old to be exact. This dog doesn’t see very well, sometimes even bumps into objects due to poor vision. He also has problems hearing and smelling… but when I’m done walking him, he starts to run very fast and pull me so have to run with him and make me sweat. Lucky won’t stop running until he arrives at his apartment.

The reason why I have chosen him is that even with all those limitations, he has shown me not to underestimate anybody..  Just because they can’t do some things. In the end, they may surprise you.

Just like how lucky surprised me when he ran pretty fast and made me sweat.

Marco C.

Entry 34dog walkers This is Zeus man, the “Almighty” blue nose pit terrier, as I refer to him. He and I met a long time ago when there were two dogs in the house at the time. Now he is the only one. I have always loved him since I met him way back when. He is special to me because he is a gentle soul that just wants to play with his toys and me. Every time I would go over I would get greeted with one of his special toys. He even would bring it outside with us to do his duties. Then he gets his treat, and he would always give me the look if I didn’t reward him quickly enough.

He is a very spoiled boy that would prefer cheese on his food before he eats it. I most certainly give it without hesitation – glad to be a part of that spoiling process! He loves his tummy rubs and his ears too. Basically, you can scratch everywhere on his body because he has allergies, lol. I adore him so much I literally miss him every time I am not doing visits with him. His size and demeanor make him scary to some but he is a doll, and I would snuggle with him any day of the week. To sum it up, Zeus and his family are the best clients. Even tho I love others very much, he is always on my mind. Love him so much!!!💖💖💖💖💖

My other favorite boy is Waylon. He is a German Shepherd named after Waylon Gennings, a country singer. It suits him very nicely. Waylon and I met a while back. The minute I walked in the door I got so much good love from him I couldn’t stop hugging him.  So every time I go over now for his walks I get a hug before we leave on his walk. He is very special to me. Waylon has been through a lot in his life as he is missing one leg. His leg was taken when he was much younger because he got it caught up in something.

He has so much to teach us as human beings that I really admire him and his “get up and go” for life. We start on our walk after his huge hug of course, and we go to a pond nearby where we see turtles.  He tries to be brave from afar and will on occasion get up close enough I can take a pic. He is crazy in love with the squirrels and goes to every tree to check it out. Waylon will literally sit forever if I let him and just stare at them. He has a magical look in his eyes that could tell you long stories of his life as Waylon. This life is very exciting to him. He truly shows me how life should be and how to take a minute to just sit there with your thoughts and just ponder what it all means.

This pup has such a good spirit and is so lovable to everyone. He loves meeting new people and dogs, which he will do every time we step outside. The owner Meredith gets plenty of pics from me on the walks, and she says it makes her day. It makes my day every time I go and see him. He is either speedy Gonzalez or he is slow-mo. But since it has gotten cooler he is speedy and I almost can’t keep up with him or get a pic lol. He could show us all something special in life by the way he shares himself with me and the rest of the world. He gets plenty of treats when we get back and of course, he shares his hugs with me which makes me love him even more.

I always say before I leave “See u tomorrow, my little man.  Love you always”. In conclusion, Waylon and I still have so much to learn from one another, and will definitely do the next time I see him. Can’t wait to smooch that face and give him his butt rubs and hugs. Love him so much ! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

Bethany B.

Entry 35cute cat Millie has turned this wholehearted dog lover into a cat person. She is a precious kitty with a playful spirit. I always look forward to pet sitting her.

Tiffany S.

Entry 36dog sitter I chose Vlad as he is my consistent client.. but I love them all. He is impossible to get a picture with (and I have tried!) because he thinks he’s a baby and is so huge, blocks any chance of a photo.

Vlad, this beautiful mastiff/pittie mix, weighs about 100 pounds but is convinced he is actually 25. When we first met, I wasn’t certain who would be walking who!

Vlad has the sweetest and most loving temperament. This big boy is such a joy to spend time with!

Donna C.

Entry 37dog walking near me This is Oliver, but as we like to call him Ollie. I had the pleasure to dog sit him for a week while his momma was on vacation. I have tons of videos of him during his stay at my house that I still watch to this day because they make me laugh and smile. The one thing about him that just makes me smile just thinking about is his little tail and butt wiggling anytime he got excited. I thought and still do, it was the funniest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

He was a ball of joy, he was always playing with me and my family, whether it was a tug-of-war, his favorite, or monkey in the middle.  He loved just playing. Oliver also loved attention, and I mean LOVED attention.  You could pet him for 10 minutes straight, and as soon as you remove your hand you hear this little whimper come from him.  So cute! Till this day I ask if she ever needs me to watch him because he was just a bundle of joy!

Ryann I.

Entry 38 cute fluffy dog This is Quita, she is 11 years old and the sweetest and most lovable senior dog I’ve ever met.

I’m so thankful I’ve been given the opportunity of being her pet sitter. She is always excited to see me and my car when I drive up. We both love our walks together, it helps our mood and keeps us healthy.
Kathryn G.

For additional details about the contest, see https://www.dfwpetsitting.com/november-contest/

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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.