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Aggressive Pets Policy

DFW Pet Sitting Services does not service aggressive pets.

We have a list of professional trainers and boarders who provide behavior modification and training. We are happy to refer our clients to those professionals who can provide in-depth assistance with lasting positive results.

Before officially accepting a client, a pet sitter will always meet the pets to make sure there are no questions or misunderstandings about care instructions and routine. We also want to make sure that the pets are not aggressive or fearful towards people. Remember, you may have a backup stepping in if you had a personal emergency. ANYONE should be able to walk into the home and put a leash on a dog or give the appropriate care to a cat.

If pets are too difficult for you (growl, look scared, or unfriendly), please do not accept the client.   

And you don’t have to confront the client right there and then. Just call or text the office AFTER your meeting and explain the situation. WE WILL SUPPORT YOUR DECISION 100% NO MATTER WHAT. We will NEVER make you take a client you are personally not comfortable with. 

Pet owners with aggressive or sick animals usually won’t even call a pet sitting service. But, once in a while, people run out of options and decide they want to take a chance on a pet sitter. These are not the customers we are able to accommodate. Please help us screen our clients by communicating with the office and pointing out any issues or concerns you may experience during your New Client Meetings. The office will find an alternative solution for those clients. We aren’t going to leave people high and dry and just decline the service. We’ll try to find a trainer or a boarding facility that provides training, or it could be a veterinarian if the pets are too sick to be left alone at home.


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DFW Pet Sitting owner and staff met for a 30-min panel discussion on pet sitting aggressive pets. In this video, you will learn how to spot problematic pet behaviors during new client meetings. You will also learn why it is in everyone’s best interest that you decline pet sitting assignments when you aren’t 100% comfortable with the pets. And lastly, you’ll realize that pet sitting is an awesome job as long as you are very selective when putting together your client base. DFW Pet Sitting supports your client selections and will guide and assist you when you have any questions or concerns. Please communicate with the office when unsure about clients.

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