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Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter

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Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter

Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter

Purchase A Dog At A Cut Rate Price At Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter

Adopt-A-Thon is a chance to purchase a pet at the ridiculously low price of Twenty-five dollars. And this pet will have had all its veterinary treatments, a pet in perfect health.

Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter. Asher Moore and Victoria Miles

 Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter A Halloween Celebration

I visited the Rowlett Animal Shelter to interview Asher Moore and Victoria Miles who manage the Shelter. I learned that Adopt-A-Thon is not only an opportunity to purchase a pet but that it will be a Halloween Party and Fundraiser also.

There will be bounce houses and candy for the kids, a dog costume contest and a kid with dog costume contest. I think that qualifies as a CELEBRATION!

I can even report to you that there will be prizes, First, Second and Third place prizes in the costume contests. Furthermore, I can say that these prizes will be posted to the Animal Shelter’s Facebook page prior to the event. https://www.facebook.com/RowlettAnimalServices/

The Shelter Building

I learned that this will all take place at the Rowlett Animal Shelter on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Visit the Animal Shelter’s webpage – https://www.ci.rowlett.tx.us/99/Animal-Services

Register Your Pet 

I also discussed with Asher and Victoria some of the other functions of the Animal Shelter. I learned that the most important service they offer is dog registration as the registration coincides with the date of rabies vaccination. In this way the city of Rowlett can keep track of rabies shots given pets.

Moreover, I was strictly advised that if you micro-chip your pet do not skip the registration. On the other had I found it very reassuring that the Shelter will provide veterinarian or sterilization services to those pets adopted out of the Shelter.

Ordinance Officers

But I did not realize that the Shelter had Ordinance Officers that they sent out into the field. These officers can bring in lost dogs, handle nuisance complaints and report animal cruelty.

I was most impressed to learn that the Rowlett Animal Shelter does not euthanize any of its pets.

Pet Cages

I toured the cages for cats and dogs in the back of the building. Some of the dog’s cages were beautifully decorated as you can see below.

Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter. Inside Dog Cage.

Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter. Inside dog cage

However, the dog cages were empty. It being a good day all the dogs were in outside cages.

Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter. Dogs in the outside cages.

I knew that the Animal Shelter can bring back to the shelter a lost or abandoned dog. That is its most important reason for being. Unclaimed dogs will then be adopted out. In the dogs I visited with at the Shelter I found them all to be lovable pets that would be a welcome addition to any home.

Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter. This is Keno.

From my time at the Rowlett Animal Shelter I discovered that it had many wonderful, adorable. lovable pets for adoption at a very reasonable price. Why pay $500 or more to a breeder when you can purchase a well-cared for dog at a fraction of the cost?

While this article is about the Rowlett, Texas Animal Shelter, there is most likely an Animal Shelter in or near you community. Think about taking advantage of what they have to offer and supporting them. Homeless dogs are not a problem to ignore.

And as always you can count on DFW Pet Sitting Services – https://www.dfwpetsitting.com/ to be available to take care of your pets when you are away.

Adopt-A-Thon At The Rowlett Animal Shelter. Cat playroom for uncaged cats


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Fred Milliken

Fred Milliken

Fred Milliken is a writer and contributor to the DFW Pet Sitting Blog. He is also a pet sitter with this company, who loves animals and lives his life to show how they impact our world every day.

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