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pet sitters in Addison

Professional dog walkers & pet sitters in Addison

In business since 2003!

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All dog walkers and pet sitters in Addison are employees of DFW Pet Sitting. They are bonded and covered by our liability insurance. We employ pet lovers who work in their immediate neighborhoods, usually within 5 miles from where they live. Our company monitors each and every assignment. Manager or owner are on call 24/7.

  • Official pet sitters and dog walkers of Microsoft and Oracle
  • Member of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, former board member, and committee chair
  • Member of Pet Sitters International
  • Repeat recipient of Angie’s List Super Service and WFAA’s A-List Awards

5 reasons to use us for all your pet sitting and dog walking needs

dog and a cat cuddlingYour pet sitter / dog walker will live in Addison within 5 miles from you

We offer 100% money back guarantee on all services

We have completed over 200,000 visits since 2003

Owner or/and manager on call 24/7

Manager monitors each visit


All dog walkers and pet sitters in Addison live in your neighborhood near you.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that your pet sitter or dog walker is local.  Addison is pretty central to the DFW metroplex, but so is the traffic.  Can you imagine if a pet sitter has to drive to you from far away?  How long would it take them to do a 30-min visit?  To solve the logistics problem, we established business branches in major neighborhoods.  Addison is one of our most central, established areas.  AddisonNorth Dallas, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Richardson, and Plano are major areas that our Addison branch covers.     Your pet sitter won’t drive too far to get to you, and you know: if it’s convenient for your pet sitter, you’ll have fewer reasons to worry that they will let you down.   Plus, the manager on call monitors each pet sitter’s activity, and we make sure the schedule is followed thru.

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We offer pet sitting and dog walking services in all zip codes of Addison and all surrounding areas.

  • Our employees pet sit only within 5 miles radius from where they live
  • All our employees are screened, insured, bonded and trained
  • We do NOT use independent contractors
  • The pet sitter you meet will be the ONLY person with access to your home.  We have established a Pet Sitting Emergency Protocol to ensure your pets’ care is uninterrupted.  We closely monitor those situations.

Our dog walkers and pet sitters in Addison stay in their immediate neighborhoods and focus on quality pet sitting.

We use a “state of the art” software system that allows us to monitor that the employees are completing visits as per their schedule.  We make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Best pet-friendly areas of Addison

Addison is a great vibrant city to enjoy with your pets.

We recommend that you check out Addison Circle Park.    You won’t be able to resist the pet-friendly energy that flows through this slice of Dallas:

pet sitters in AddisonIt doesn’t hurt that there are over 170 restaurants, numerous condos and over 20 hotels in Addison Circle Park.  This place has very high vibrant energy.  It’s also really nice to see that the city of Addison is catching on to our needs for social outlets in close proximity.  And it’s especially nice to see that the city is recognizing our need to bring our pets to our social outings.  This circle is catching like wildfire, and Addison pet owners are beginning to see more and more pet-friendly establishments in the area.

One place to stop and let your furry friend roam is the Addison Circle Dog Park. It’s a beautiful field of manicured grass and trees surrounded by an urban setting.  It’s great for dog chasing and people watching. After, walk your dog to one of the many pet-friendly restaurant-patios.  Here you can grab a New York style slice of pie, soak in Addison Circle’s energetic vibe, and watch young professionals and every other mix of people as they go about their day.

Addison Circle is truly a great urban development inside an already hopping city.

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Three Easy Steps to Find a Pet Sitter

Pet Sitters in Dallas, Texas

DFW Pet Sitting Services recommends these 3 steps that will help you find a pet sitter or dog walker in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex


"DFW Pet Sitting is the only truly professionally run pet service that I have found in the Dallas area."
- Donna W.

"Our cat Susi doesn't mind when we go out of town. She gets to play with Natalia, from DFW Pet Sitting Service! And she is always a happy cat when we return!"
- Betty N.


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Pet sitting and dog waking jobs in Addison

DFW  Pet Sitting Services is currently hiring pet sitters and dog walkers in Addison. We are looking for pet loves who have flexible schedule and can accommodate occasional mid day visits within 5 miles from their home. For more detail please visit our employment page at https://www.dfwpetsitting.com/jobs/

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