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A Pet Sitter in Coppell Earns Employee of the Month

1 year ago · Comments Off on A Pet Sitter in Coppell Earns Employee of the Month

A Pet Sitter in Coppell Earns Employee of the Month

A pet sitter in Coppell earns Employee of the Month in April!

Coppell / Valley Ranch area is the stomping grounds of DFW Pet Sitting. Did you know that before DFW Pet Sitting, the company was called Valley Ranch Pet Sitting? So it’s very sentimental for me to write about our April Employee of the month who happens to live in Coppell.

Jennifer Pargas has been with the company only since last year, but she has become a shining star to us and her clients.

About Jennifer

pet sitter in coppellJennifer’s family moved to the Dallas – Fort Worth area after her husband retired from his 20-year Air Force career. She had been looking for a job that would be the right fit for her. After all, she’s been out of the working world for the past 14 years. She decided to be a stay-at-home mom for her 2 girls. It was the best fit for her family with all the moving around and deployments in the military. Now her girls are older, and she felt it was time to get a job that would allow her to work but also be home and available for her family.

She came across an ad for a pet sitter in Coppell with DFW Pet Sitting. She thought she would give it a shot. Jennifer loves animals, and the job seemed to have all the attributes she was looking for. She put in her application and we of course called right away. And a couple of days later she had clients to meet and animals to love on.

Jennifer’s hobbies include working out at the gym and trying new recipes. She has really picky eaters at home so it’s always a trial and error figuring out what to feed everyone on a regular basis.

“I have truly loved working for DFW Pet Sitting these past 5 months. It feels I have really found a job that is the perfect fit for me. I have met some really great people who love their animals and it has been a joy to take care of all of them.”

Jennifer, please tell us a memorable story about a special pet in your life:

“I think the pet that stole my heart was when my friend and I found a kitten. He was stuck in a tree outside the gym when we lived in Pensacola, FL. We were just leaving class and chatting in the parking lot a little before we went our separate ways. This tiny baby was crying so loud so we went to investigate. Turns out we found a 3-4 week old kitten with no other siblings or mama cat around. Luckily, my friend’s husband is a veterinarian so he was able to check out the kitten.

After a few days of living in my friend’s house, I couldn’t help myself. I needed to adopt the kitten as my own, so I did. I brought her home, and she has been with me ever since. We named her Domino as she is white with black spots. She is the tiniest little thing, only about 8 lbs. She brings so much joy into our house and gets along well with my male cat. I am glad they have each other.”

What are your favorite pet-friendly places around Coppell?

“I have always been a cat person growing up with many cats as a child and caring for them myself as an adult.  So I would say one of the places I like to go here locally is The Charming Cat Corner located in Music City Mall of Lewisville, TX. This little spot is a really fun place to go and love on some cats that are up for adoption. They have several different rooms set up for cats to play and interact with each other. It allows for folks to come in and visit with the animals to see if they want to adopt them or just spend some time with them which is always fun. It does cost to get in, but all proceeds go to the feeding and caring of the cats in the facility. It’s a great little spot to check out if you haven’t already.”


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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.