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5 years ago · 174 comments

Celebrating 15 years of professional pet sitting in Dallas Fort Worth!

Happy Birthday, DFW Pet Sitting!

15 years is what it takes to build the best team for pet sitting in Dallas Fort Worth. 15 years is how long it takes to meet the most amazing pet owners. Today, DFW Pet Sitting is lucky to look back and realize that it’s been 15 wonderful years doing what we love most: taking care of precious pets.

Today, we are honoring the bond between pets and their owners. We asked our clients to share their stories of when and how they met their pets. These are wonderful stories, you guys. And the pictures are precious.

Enjoy the read, and please VOTE for your favorite story in the COMMENTS section below. We’ll tally up the votes on October 10, and the winner will get a $200 pet sitting gift card.

Submissions from our Dallas / Fort Worth clients at DFW Pet Sitting:

1 pet sitting in Dallas I just found this baby in the gutter of our very busy street we live on a week ago. I took him in, we named him Cosmo, and he is settling in great with out two other rescues kitties! He’s 4 months old and loves to play with toys! Such a cutie-patooty.

Karen and Jack P.

2 cat sitting in Dallas Met my girl almost 1 year ago at the home where she was staying as a recue.Dawn F.
3 cat sitter in dallas This is Toby. I met him on 11/11/17 at the Irving animal shelter. He’s my first and only cat, and my life hasn’t been the same since!

Brandie B.

4 blank One day my boyfriend and I went to our vet’s office to pick up one of our cat’s ashes. She had recently died and we were really sad. However, we saw that the vet had some kittens for adoption. That is when we met Anna and Elsa, tortie sisters that just purred and purred in your arms. They also had a lot of tortitude and we immediately fell in love with them. We walked out of the vet’s office not sure if we were going to adopt them but we couldn’t get them out of our minds and the next day we called the vet up and said we would adopt them. These two are crazy. But they also add a lot of love to our house.

Theresa C

5 dog sitting in dallas I met Bandit (a Jack Russell!) when his mother gave birth . . . on the couch . . . and he fell to the floor and hit his head! Maybe he’s always getting into stuff!

Robert W.

6 cat sitting in dallas dog sitters in dallas Attached to this email is a recent picture of our cat Maya, and this year we added a new furbaby, our puppy Kylo.

We met Maya 4 years ago when she was just a kitten. I came across her profile on a rescue site and immediately fell in love. When we met her in-person for the 1st time, she had such a big personality with so much energy.

We met Kylo this year in late May from a rescue in Dallas. He was an 8-week old puppy, who made my heart melt the moment I cradled him in my arms. Now he is a big boy at 5 months old.

Thank you so much for taking good care of our Maya. We look forward to eventually adding Kylo onto your services.

Christina A.


7 catsitting in Dallas These two are Penny and Izzy and I adopted them from Operation Kindness on April Fools Day 2017 when they were 10 weeks old. They have made this house so much fun from day 1 and I can’t imagine it without them! So many thanks to you and Pat B. for taking great care of them while I am gone. Looking forward to many more great years with them!

Stephanie N.


8 dog walking in dallas I agree that it’s always good to stop and reflect on the joy our babies bring us. When I moved to Dallas 10 years ago, I became heavily involved in pug rescue. My heart ached so much as a large portion of our pugs were senior pugs (7 years or older). People wanted to adopt younger pugs to have more life time with them. I quickly knew I wanted to adopt a Velcro pug as my other pug is miss independence. I received a call one day from one of our fosters saying she had the perfect pug for me that wasn’t receiving enough love because she fostered so many other dogs. She let me take him, Leo, home for the weekend.

I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with him. As soon as I showed up to her house, he crawled into my lap. He never left my side, and I adopted him after the weekend. He was considered a senior pug at 7 years old, and he’s still strong and healthy 5 years later. I would not trade his adoption for anything and will continue to support and recommend senior dogs to others. All they do is eat, sleep, and cuddle…easy maintenance. Leo stole my heart, and it was true love at first sight. Below are before and after pics of him. Thanks for letting me share!

Jenna H.

9 catsitters in dallas Congratulations on your anniversary! I guess I’ve been using DFW pet sitting for about 10 years now. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who needed a reliable Pet-sitter.

I’ve attached a picture of Jelly. As always when I point my phone at her, she seems to be looking at me wondering why am taking another picture. She seems to be saying don’t you have enough already!

When I adopted Jelly, I knew that she was the cat for me. I first saw her at a rescue event, and when I looked at her she waved at me with her little paw. That was it she went home with me the next day!

Thanks for all you do!

Dorothy C.

10 cat minding in dallas Congrats on your successes with your business! I am so glad we found you when we moved to Las Colinas.

Below is a picture of Tito. He is a 4.5-year-old ruddy Abyssinian neutered male cat and such a sweetie. I met him for the first time in the family bathroom at the Albuquerque airport when I flew out to pick him up and bring him home. He was a purring and pumping his paws and just a general loveboat of a cat! We love him!!!

Gina L.

11 pet sitting in dallas I rescued this little sweetie (Brie). from under a Bush in Fort Lauderdale Florida 17 years ago! She is my life now!

Erica D.

12 pet sitters in dallas This is my little sweetheart Frisk. I ‘met’ her when I found her abandoned on the side of the road – her mom had left her as she was sick and injured and probably did so to protect the other kittens. Thankfully I was able to find an amazing foster and got Frisk the help she needed to not only recover from her injuries but to grow up into a happy, healthy, and extremely loving kitty!

(She’s dreaming of being an Olympic diver – check out that excellent form!)

River B.

13 dog sitters in dallas I wanted to brag about Sasha! Four years ago when I lived in Philadelphia, I wanted to get a pet and knew rescue was the way to go. After a long intense search, I found an organization in New Jersey that rescued pets from Southern states and brought them up North and placed them in foster homes until they were adopted. I put in a few applications but the dogs went really fast! I was beginning to lose hope until one day they contacted me and asked me if I was interested in a 6-month Chocolate Lab that had just come in. Ummmmm YES! Next day I was on my way to New Jersey to meet this Lab. Did I mention all the doggie shopping was done? Crate, Toys, Food, Treats….yes, I was ready!.

When I got there, Sasha was in the yard playing soccer with the kids. I fell in love right away! I knew she was coming home with me!! The foster mom asked what I thought and also said some other lady was also interested if I didn’t want her. Well, I told her the other lady had better find another dog coz this one was mine! I wanted her for sure! The kids were calling her Roxy. They asked me what I was going to name her and I told them, Sasha. As it turns out, one of the kids was called Sasha!! So they started calling her Sasha right away. So adorable. They played on for a little while, bid us goodbye and Sasha and I went on to start our lives together. She jumped right in the car. I think she knew that she was already loved unconditionally.

Four years later, I cannot begin to tell you the level of joy this girl had brought to my life. Rescuing her was hands down the best decision I ever made. They say we rescue dogs, but quite honestly I believe they’re the ones that rescue us!

Here’s a photo of Sasha striking a pose 🙂

Dorcas N.

14 pet sitters in dallas These are our two boys Oliver (left) and Numann (right). Oliver is (soon to be) 13 years old and Numann is 14. We got Oliver when he was just a couple of months old from a litter of kittens one of my father’s cats had in Houston. We went to pick him up in Houston over a holiday break and drove him back home with us. He was in a pet carrier sitting in the back seat, but we let him out for a few minutes now and then, and what I remember most is looking back at this little grey furball sitting there just staring at me and watching me drive the car so intently.

He was so adorable. We got Numann when he was just a few months old from a cat shelter that had a large kennel full of kitties for adoption at a local pet store. When I walked up to the kennel Numann was on the far side of it from me. He suddenly turned around and looked right at me and meowed like he had been looking all over for me. He ran across the kennel and reached out at me with his paw.

I of course just had to hold him so asked the woman managing the kennel if I could see him. She went around and got him and brought him to me. He was still reaching out for me as she walked up to me with him in her arms. I took him and he immediately climbed up on my shoulder and started sucking on my earlobe. It was the coolest thing ever and I asked right away what I had to do to take him home.

David S.

15  cat care

cat sitting

The Day Barney Saved Me

Barney holds a very special place in my heart as all pets do, but to me, he’s a little extra special.

The day I met Barney was also the day that changed my life – in many ways.

My boyfriend at the time had just moved to St. Louis for work and every weekend I would visit. I flew from Dallas to St. Louis on a Thursday night when thunderstorms were in the forecast. Long story short, it was the scariest flight of my life. St. Louis experienced torrential rainfall and the Mississippi River flooded many small towns along its path. On the late-night news, they were showing homes and farms with water up to the ankles.
One woman, the owner of a farm, was trying to evacuate her animals and she announced a cry for help.

I couldn’t sleep that night and spent hours calling and emailing the news station to get her contact information and finally, I did. Friday morning we headed to the pet store to grab food, litter, and toys and were on our way.

Shockingly, my boyfriend pulled over at a nearby park before we reached the farm and proposed. Boom! We were engaged! Oh, happy day!

When we arrived at the farm, rain boots and umbrellas we headed towards the barn. There we discovered a handful of kittens and although we couldn’t take them all, despite my begging. There was baby Barney. He was 6 weeks old and scared. It was flood everywhere and there was nowhere to go. After 5-minutes of holding him and warming him up in my arms, he was ready to play. He was immediately filled with spunk, energy and perhaps hopefulness despite the chaos. He and I were meant to be.

Barney is 10 years old now. He has put up with 11 moves and a terrible divorce but has never left my side or my pillow at night. He has been my one constant in my adult life. Barney sits with me and demands me to pet him when I’m sad and crying, willing me to be happy. He loves playing hide-n-seek and tag as we chase each other through the house.

That cold and rainy day, I may have saved Barney from the rising waters, but it’s really Barney who saved me. He and I were meant to be.

Anita S.

16 rabbit sitting in dallas blank I first met Sheva, aka Pipsqueak, in a parking lot in downtown Corpus Christi. Having just moved there from Virginia, for the first time in 20 years I did not have a cat living with me. I worked and traveled too much though, and did not think I was ready for a cat in Texas yet. One morning, when I parked my car before work, I noticed a little cat face watching me from the bushes. That cat looked identical to a cat that remained with my parents in Virginia, and I thought about it all day long. When I left work that day, I was very surprised to see the cat still in the parking lot.

I was even more surprised when the cat came to me when I said “hi.” (Most Corpus Christi street cats were feral and wanted nothing to do with me.) Then the cat rubbed against me, and I saw that its whole side was covered with huge sores that looked like burns. I knew that the cat wouldn’t make it on the streets in that condition, so I put the cat in the back seat of my car and drove to a veterinary hospital by my apartment. I had no intention of keeping the cat, but nobody could find the owner and the shelters were full, so she became my little Pipsqueak.

Max is my Siamese cat. I saw him on the website of the Austin Siamese cat rescue when I was still living in Virginia. They described him as “neurotic” and “a bundle of nerves” after his prior “owners” left him at the San Antonio animal shelter for going outside the litter box. The rescue said he was for a person with no expectations for the cat. Max had been at the rescue for a year and a half and no one wanted him. After I brought Sheva home, I decided she needed a friend, so one weekend I drove to Austin to meet Max. The second I looked into his blue eyes, I knew he was the one, and he came to live with us a few days later.

A few months later, I moved to Dallas. Because I am very grateful for both my cats, I try to help animal rescues whenever I can. One weekend, I saw a transportation request from the Austin Siamese rescue – – they needed someone to drive a blind, mangy siamese cat from the Corpus Christi animal shelter to a foster home in Austin. I volunteered and went on a road trip with my husband. When we got there, we found out that the shelter also had a bunny up for adoption. We saw a large, plush bunny that someone found in a cardboard box in a dumpster. My husband could not leave the bunny behind, and that is how we got Bunzion.

Jenny T.

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Olga Wharton

Olga Wharton

DFW Pet Sitting Services is not just a business for me. It's a close-knit family of pet sitters and pet owners. We all have one common denominator: our love for pets. We trust each other, we do the right thing, and we appreciate all the lessons our pets have taught us. Every day we are fortunate to experience the unconditional love of our pets. We never take it for granted. We are thankful for our clients and their pets for enriching our lives every day.