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Welcome to DFW Pet Sitting Services, the official pet sitters and dog walkers of Microsoft and Oracle

We specialize in finding local reputable pet sitters and dog walkers in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  We pride ourselves in employing people who have passion and expertise to take care of animals.  The manager and the owner of this company are just a phone call away if you have any questions or additional requests about anything you need to know before, during and after you hire our company for your pet sitting and dog walking needs.

Our cutting edge software audits our schedules daily and helps us with consistent quality and reliability of service.  Happy and healthy pets is our priority.  Their parents having a worry-free time when they are not with their four-legged babies is our mission.

pet sitters and dog walkers in Dallas Fort WorthWhy you should consider choosing us for your pet sitting and dog walking needs

We understand that you have many options when deciding to leave your pets in someone’s care.  DFW Pet Sitting Services offers you the best of both words: a large company with established infrastructure, while treating our customers with very personal high touch “small company” feel.

pet sitting with us

Contacting us

You can contact us thru this website, by emailing (info@dfwpetsitting.com), or by phone (214-574-7387).

When calling us, you will reach a recording that will allow you to either leave a message, or get transferred to the manager to ask questions. If you want to talk to someone right away or just go straight to the owner, you can select that option, or just call her cell directly at 214-235-5301.  We are a company that never closes, and we sleep with our cell phones by the pillow to be able to respond to emergencies not only by day but also by night.

Our staff

Our manager Paula has been with the company since 2012.  She knows the people who work for our company, she knows our clients, and she cares about the pets and their wellbeing.  We run this company well not only because we want to be good at what we do, but also because we truly love all pets.  We truly want all animals in this world to be loved, cared for, and treated well.

Our weekend and holiday manager Christina is another constant face who steps in as needed assuring we never have gaps in coverage. She is also a pet sitter and a manager, devoting all her passion to this company.

Our pet sitters

waiting for my pet sitterOur employees are the best pet pet sitters and dog walkers you can find in Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. The person who will be assigned to you will be someone who lives close by, will respond to short notice needs, and will accommodate your schedule.  The person you meet will be the only person with access to your home.

If your pet sitter ever has an emergency, we will notify you and proceed with our emergency pet sitter replacement protocol.  We can assure you that it is our mission to continue with your pet care smoothly and uninterruptedly.  When relying on people to do any work, we all understand that anything can happen to anyone at any given time.  This is not just a place where you call in sick or don’t show up for work.  We are entrusted with your babies, and we all understand that and relate to that (as every person working for this company is a pet owner too).

Safety and security of your home

There are so many companies out there flashing bright-colored uniforms and vehicle signs that advertise their services.  We are different.  Our employees are just old-fashioned low key “helpers”.  We come and go without neighbors knowing who we are and when we are coming back next.  Your pet sitter looks like they could be living in the house.  People may thing they are your family.  We don’t want to attract any attention to your home while you are not there.  Our company doesn’t want to advertise at your expense.  We do just the opposite.  We make your house look like nobody is away.  And nobody knows what your schedule is like.  Even when you leave for work, someone still can stop by.

Would you like to give us a consideration?

We’d love to live up to you!  We service most zip codes of the DFW metroplex.  Our goal is to establish a close, long term relationship with you and your four legged babies.

We are your point of contact with pet sitters and dog walkers in Dallas Fort Worth metroplex who are employees of our company.  They are on a standby and ready to meet with you (at no charge) to go over your pet sitting needs and customize their service to your pets’ needs.  We will follow your pets’ routine as closely as possible and create a live-in look for your home.


You can trust us.  Why?

  • With 200,000+ pet visits under our belt since 2003, our reputation is well known and trusted
  • Insured and bonded
  • Official pet sitting service provider for Microsoft and Oracle employees.
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Click HERE for more information on reliability of our services and what makes us different from others

We have pet sitters and dog walkers in almost every zip code of two major Texas metroplexes: Dallas Fort Worth and Houston.

  • Our employees pet sit only within 5 miles radius from where they live
  • All our employees are screened, insured, bonded and trained
  • We do NOT use independent contractors
  • The pet sitter you meet will be the ONLY person with access to your home.  Find out how we deal with emergencies by clicking HERE

We won’t let you down

We use a “state of the art” software system that allows us to monitor that the employees are completing visits as per their schedule and nothing falls through the cracks.  Find out how we make it happen and what makes us so confident by clicking HERE.

We’ve got you covered

DFW Pet Sitting Services covers most of the areas of the Dallas Fort Worth and Houston metroplexes.  Below is an alphabetized list of cities where we have employees.