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Pet Sitting Software

  • When visits are scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation listing dates, times and fees.
  • A day before your trip you will receive another email and a phone call confirming that we are set.
  • We don’t mind if you speak with your pet sitter directly during your absence checking on your pets.  We are always happy to text you their pictures!
  • We monitor all visits to be completed by employees on a daily basis.  If we don’t see it “completed” in the system, we call the employee to verify.  If we can’t reach the employee, we call their family emergency numbers.  If we don’t get a response, we notify the owner of the company, employ a locksmith at the permission if necessary, and either the backup or the owner of DFW Pet Sitting herself will make sure the pets are taken care of.
  • You will be billed AFTER all visits are completed and you are home and happy with our service.
  • We guarantee 24/7 phone coverage.
  • If you have an emergency and can’t wait for a call back, please feel free to call or text the owner at her personal cell phone: 214-235-5301.