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DFW Pet Sitting Services Emergencies

If you have NOT left town yet:

Pet sitting emergencies? We will always notify you if your primary sitter is unavailable as soon as we find out.  We’ll tell you the name of your backup pet sitter and will offer you an option to meet with them at no charge of course.  If you are comfortable and don’t require meeting the backup, you can just schedule a phone call or leave a detailed note.  The key will be transferred to your backup sitter with your permission, an their name will be listed on your email confirmation as the sitter doing the visits.

If you have already left town and your primary sitter has an emergency and can’t continue caring for your pets:

We will immediately notify you and explain the situation and emergency.  We will ask for your permission to send a backup.  We can schedule a phone call with the backup pet sitter if needed.  You will have an option not to use the backup pet sitter and revert to your own emergency backup plan.  We will always communicate with you and will NEVER send someone else to your home without your knowing about it.