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Welcome to the Addison branch of DFW Pet Sitting Services!

All dog walkers and pet sitters in Addison are employees of our company.  They are bonded and covered by our liability insurance.  DFW Pet Sitting Services employs pet lovers who work in their immediate neighborhoods, usually within 5 miles from where they live.  Our company monitors each and every assignment. 

pet sitters and dog walkers in Dallas Fort WorthOur background

DFW Pet Sitting Services was established in 2003.  The very first call that we have received was actually from a client in Addison.  It was an adorable basset-hound puppy, Coco.  The owner was in love.  How amazing of an assignment was that!  The. Very. First. Phone call.  Remembered forever.  It was in Addison. 

The love affair didn’t last long because it was not an immediate neighborhood, so we couldn’t service that client long term.  But one day, the owner thought, we’ll have pet sitters in Addison too.  

Three years later, the day came.  We hired our first pet sitter in Addison.  We could officially service Coco’s neighborhood.  And yes, she was still there.  Coco’s parents were happy to see our company grow and succeed, and we still to this day take care of that adorable, not-s0-little anymore, puppy.  

It was a long and exciting ride founding the company and growing it.  It was extremely important to not get carried away with aggressive growth.  Quality has always been number one priority.

Today, we have developed a core group of experienced pet sitters and dog walkers in Addison who continue contributing to the legacy of the company.

All dog walkers and pet sitters in Addison live in your neighborhood near you.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that your pet sitter or dog walker is local.  Your pet sitter should know the area and be able to drive or even walk to your house in inclement weather.  You also want to make sure they don’t drive too far. You know Dallas traffic can create major delays to the scheduled visits.

Finding a company that is reliable, local, established and professional will make your travel easy and worry-free.  With the best dog walkers and pet sitters in Addison,  we are here to offer you a worry-free pet care experience.


Don’t forget: we offer pet sitting and dog walking services in all zip codes of Addison and all surrounding areas in Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Our dog walkers and pet sitters in Addison stay in their immediate neighborhoods and focus on quality pet sitting.

We use a “state of the art” software system that allows us to monitor that the employees are completing visits as per their schedule and nothing falls through the cracks.  Find out about our professional grade pet sitting software. 


Addison is a great vibrant city to enjoy with your pets.  We recommend that you check out Addison Circle.    You won’t be able to resist the pet-friendly energy that flows through this slice of Dallas:

Addison Circle Dog Park, great option for pet sitting and dog walking in AddisonIt doesn’t hurt that there are over 170 restaurants, numerous condos and over 20 hotels in Addison Circle.  This place has very high vibrant energy.  It’s also really nice to see that the city of Addison is catching on to our needs for social outlets in close proximity.  And it’s especially nice to see that the city is recognizing our need to bring our pets to our social outings.  This circle is catching like wildfire, and Addison pet owners are beginning to see more and more pet-friendly establishments in the area.

One place to stop and let your furry friend roam is the Addison Circle Dog Park. It’s a beautiful field of manicured grass and trees surrounded by an urban setting.  It’s great for dog chasing and people watching. After, walk your dog to one of the many pet-friendly restaurant-patios.  Here you can grab a New York style slice of pie, soak in Addison Circle’s energetic vibe, and watch young professionals and every other mix of people as they go about their day.

Addison Circle is truly a great urban development inside an already hopping city.

Check out what our pet sitters say about why they love providing pet sitting and dog walking in Addison:

Anna L.:

I love taking care of dogs and cats. I call myself a cat lady. I’ve met very few cats that do not like me. I get to spoil them, play with them, and then give them back to their parents. Kind of like an auntie.

Thanks Anna, keep it up!!